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NMCUSD's Educator Effectiveness Block Grant (EEBG)


NMCUSD’s Educator Effectiveness Block Grant (EEBG) Expenditure Summary (click to read the summary)

The Educator Effectiveness Block Grant (EEBG) is a program providing funds to county offices of education, school districts, charter schools, and state special schools to provide professional learning and to promote educator equity, quality, and effectiveness. LEAs may use these allocated funds to provide professional learning for teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals who work with students, and classified staff that interact with students in order to promote educator equity, quality, and effectiveness.

As a condition of receiving funds for educator effectiveness, LEAs shall develop and adopt a plan for expenditure of funds, which requires the plan to be explained in a public meeting of the governing board of the school district before its adoption in a subsequent meeting. These expenditures may take place over fiscal years 2021–22, 2022–23, 2023–24, 2024–25, and 2025–26.  If you’d like more information about the District’s professional development training and support plan, please click here:  NMCUSD Comprehensive PD Plan DRAFT 11-29-21.  Items highlighted in yellow are components of the Educator Effectiveness Block Grant (EEBG).

The Educator Effectiveness Block Grant (EEBG) will be discussed at the regular board meeting on Thursday, December 09, 2021.  A final version will be presented at the December 16th Board meeting for approval and adoption. 

Should you have questions or would like to make a suggestion or comment, please email Brigid Perhach at: or call (831) 633-3343 ext.1263.