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NMCHS Students announces first cohort to receive NC3 Certification

Press Release- Click HERE

North Monterey County High School, a National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3) Leadership School, is proud to announce its first cohort of high school students to receive NC3 industry recognized certifications. North Monterey County High School’s CTE program is a part of the Mission Trails ROP JPA.

NC3 is a 501(c3) non-profit organization dedicated to national skills training and industry-recognized certifications. The international network represents over 1,200 secondary and post-secondary institutional members including over 200 Leadership Schools that are leading innovation in CTE.

“We are proud to have high schools like North Monterey County High School to lead as an example that high school students can achieve professional industry-recognized certifications to prepare them for the workforce or their educational careers in post-secondary education,” states Hannah Peltier, NC3 Executive Project Manager.

“By leveraging the NC3 network of both secondary and post-secondary institutions, building partnerships with NC3 industry leaders, and embedding industry-recognized certifications into its curriculum, NMCHS is elevating and developing its students, and community, for high-skilled and high-demand careers in the technical trades,” states Lisa Marshall, NC3 and Festo Program Manager.

NMCHS students are receiving NC3 and Festo Certifications in Mechatronics. Mechatronics is a new interdisciplinary technical field that integrates mechanical, electrical, computer, and control components into robotic systems for a wide range of industries. Throughout the Computing with Robotics course students learn each facet of mechatronics. The first semester focuses on basic knowledge and application. The second semester is when students work on the NC3 Certification.

Mechatronics is a very high demand field because it is the future of manufacturing in the Industry 4.0 arena. Our industry partners have emphasized the importance of this type of training for students looking to get into industry careers. Our goal at NMCHS is to offer as many certifications as possible so students have a bright path forward after high school.

“If I was graduating high school today, mechatronics is definitely an area I would explore. The opportunities are limitless. I want my students to have the skills to be successful and realize that there are many different paths to success. This is one of them,” stated Dr. Curtis Smith, Physics, Engineering & Robotics CTE Teacher at NMCHS.

Congratulations to North Monterey County High School on your recent achievements. We look forward to seeing your programs expand and grow.