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KION Article & Video on North Monterey County Students Encourage 2020 Census participation (click on title to learn more)

CASTROVILLE, Calif. (KION) Groups across the Central Coast have been granted an additional month to encourage participation in the 2020 Census.

A federal judge in California ruled that counting for the 2020 Census will extend through October 31.

Participation in the following Central Coast counties is tracked by percentage:


  • Monterey County: 64.5%
  • Santa Cruz County: 70.9%
  • San Benito County: 69.7%

Friday, the North Monterey County Youth Census Project (NMCYCP) hosted a drive-thru event. The group is made up of high school students. According to them, Castroville was of the top 10 undercounted cities in Monterey County in the 2010 Census.

"Even though we are in the midst of a pandemic, it's still really important that everybody is counted and that everyone's voices are heard. We want to get all the right funds to funnel back into our communities," said North Monterey County High School Senior, Ezekiel Sumpter. Sumpter said he wants to see more youth voices amplified through this year's Census. 

Click here for KION News Video featuring the Census Event