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In the news: The Monterey Weekly's THE BUZZ 3.29.18

THE BUZZ 3.29.18


They say it takes a village to raise one child, but when a lot of the villagers don’t know how governing bodies function, raising and educating happy, healthy children can be difficult. North Monterey County Unified School District is taking its chances on solving part of that problem through a Monterey County Health Department program calledenLACE, a play on words between the Spanish word for “to link” and an acronym for “leadership and civic engagement.” On March 9, the NMCUSD board unanimously approved a contract with enLACE running from March 30, 2018 through Dec. 31. 2020. The program is intended for Castroville residents, aims to increase community advocacy by teaching residents the basics of how local government works. The school district will provide sites for the classes and contribute $500 for childcare during meetings."

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