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Digital Resources For Families

Different ways that you can communicate with your teacher and the school to be informed:

  1. Communicate directly with your student's teacher(s)
  2. Communicate directly with your school office and principal
  3. Visit the school website for updates and announcements
  4. Download the district app and follow the district and your school(s) (View the how to video on this page)
    • Centralized location for information and to receive communications
    • You don't have to worry about opting out
    • An app notification may include any of the following methods:
      • Voice message
      • Informational Flyer
      • Informational message
      • Links to additional content (videos, letters, website, etc.)
  5. Make sure your contact information is up to date to ensure you're receiving notifications
    • Calls to your primary phone number with messages
    • Text message with links to information
    • Email to your designated email address
  6. Follow the district and your school(s) Facebook page (Links located below)
  7. Follow the district's YouTube channel
  8. Follow us on Twitter
  9. Call the support line (831-633-3343 ext 1503)
  10. Use the Tip Line to report a concern or provide feedback
  11. Email
alt-text Download the Free Blackboard District App
  • Stay up to date with news stories
  • View important calendar dates
  • Receive important alerts
  • Learn more about upcoming events
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We have an app! Please press play below to see a brief video on our app