Reopening School Plan

  • NMCUSD has many ways we communicate with families.  In particular, this past year we have communicated in a variety of ways that include the following: 

    Methods of communication:  

    • Videos messages archived on our Youtube Channel. 
    • Blackboard Connect (Voice messages, text messages, email messages)
    • District App that contains all of the above messages, links, videos and attachments (see attached sample)
    • notices sent to families for each school site (Middle School/High School) 
    •  Social media (District and school site Facebook pages)
    •  Website-all Reopening documents videos, message are posted
    •  Regular Board Meetings (2 a month) with Reopening Update presentations that outline the status, focus areas, and next steps
    • Parent meetings and training to explain and provide support for various Reopening components to include: How to support your child in Distance Learning, etc.

     Recent Communication to Families regarding Reopening:  After March 11 Board Meeting Decison on Timeline for Reopening.

    What is a hybrid model?  It's a rotation of having a cohort of students from each classroom (usually between 10-15 students) on campus for designated day(s) of the week, while continuing to provide distance learning on the other days.  We will limit the number of students on campuses each day as we need to maintain social and physical distancing on our campuses and also ensure we can avoid mixing of cohorts, whenever possible. 

    When will this option begin?  Schools are currently calling families to find out if they are interested in having their student(s) on campus, beginning in April.  We have and will continue to maintain stable cohorts of students on campuses for school-age childcare and targeted instructional services/supports. 

    • Elementary schools will begin with TK-2 grades the week of April 6 and then 3-6 grades the week of April 12.  
    • Middle school will continue with identified students the week of April 6 and then subsequent weeks add the remainder of priority students in both 7th/8th grade, then all additional 7th graders.  
    • High school will continue with identified students the week of April 6 and then subsequent weeks add the remainder of priority students in grades 9-12, then all additional students in identified grade levels. 
    • Central Bay Continuation High School will continue with priority students and expand to offer all students in-person in April.  
    • NMC Center for Independent Studies K-12 school continues to meet individually with students.

    How do I find out more information about reopening schools and inform my child's school of my preference?  As we did last summer, our school personnel will be calling each family over the next week to ask if you would like your child(ren) to attend school on campus, which day(s) of the week offered is preferred, and when can you drop off/pick up your child as transportation is very limited due to physical distancing requirements.  There is an approved Reopening Plan posted on our website that provides specific information.  Since June 2020, every regular school board meeting held twice a month has had a Reopening Update presentation, the March 11 presentation is linked here Spanish.  Board agenda, minutes and attachments are available on our website link here.  Each school principal has communications posted on their school website, that include video messages and information regarding their school's Reopening to Hybrid/In-person timeline.   We also encourage you to download our app and follow us on our Facebook page.  

    We are excited to welcome additional students back on campus and look forward to Monterey County's continued progress in reducing COVID-19 case rates, hopefully entering the orange and yellow tiers. 

    Outdoor Sports at North Monterey County High School: 

    NMCHS has been working along with our local and state athletics organizations to understand and consistently update plans and implementation of our school athletic program.  One note is that only recently did Youth Sports Guidance from CDPH allow outdoor play, and these are decisions districts/schools are having to make now because newly updated guidance now allows such play as it did not until very recently.  Our board has been provided updates and recommendations throughout this school  year by the high school administration.   There is a standing item Reopening Updates at our regularly scheduled board meetings held twice a month, in addition to other information provided to students and families.  The high school also posts information on their website, the students daily announcements, which are also shared during the advisory class, and through the district notification system to families, including our app and sometimes our district and/or school facebook page. 

    Town Hall:

    At the NMCHS football town hall it was shared with the families the school’s conditioning and spring training plans for football. The site administrators and football coaching staff also shared with parents their reason for not being able to play this year which is due to the fact that the season ends on April 17th and given the amount of time coaches would have to prepare a team, the coaches did not feel they could do it safely. They expressed their sorrow for the seniors not having a game season, but encouraged those seniors to participate in the conditioning and spring training program to prepare themselves and help guide their younger peers. The coaching staff and site administrators expressed their hopes for the upcoming school year and stated that they are going to focus on taking advantage of this time to prepare the team. 

    Message Regarding Football Made at “Town Hall Mtg” and Discussed with Students Attending Virtual Conditioning for Football

    The head football coach and the Assistant Principal/Athletic Director believe the following: 

    "Sports play an important role in the physical, mental and emotional health of our student athletes. Football provides an outlet for so many students and serves as motivation to work hard in school and make healthy choices. Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision to not compete in football this school year. We had to consider many factors but most importantly we considered the physical health and safety of our students. With football having to be completed by April 17th, we didn't feel we would have adequate time to physically prepare our students to compete safely as most of our players have not had access to weights and other workout equipment for over a year. As we move through California's tier system and with guidance from our local health officials, we hope to allow our athletes back on campus to begin preparing them for competition whether that will be this school year, over the summer or at the beginning of the 2021-22 school year."