• Responsible Use of Social Media

    Students can help delete negativity on social media with the following tips -

    Post Positively. Lead by example. Only post messages and statuses that will make a positive impact on your followers and friends. Become the “Positive Warrior” on your own Feed.
    Respectfully Comment, Then Report Anything Inappropriate. Inappropriate content that is harmful to yourself or others should be reported. Remember to fight the negative with the positive.
    Block Inappropriate People. Report and block users that post harmful content that affects yourself or others. Especially if the person is constantly posting negative content.
    Inform Students & Adults. Make sure other people know if you see negativity online and inform students, staff members, and families about #iCANHELP. Teach them how they can promote positivity on and offline.
    Follow #ICANHELP on their social media sites and get ideas of how you can make a difference.
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