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SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY, San Jose, CA Bachelor of Arts: Studio Practice/Preparation for Teaching Concentration: Ceramics SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY, San Jose, CA Single Subject Teaching Credential Secondary Education | Fine Art

Ms. Eisenstat

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Ceramics I Course Syllabus (English)

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Ceramics I Course Description:

Ceramics I/II is a semester-long course where students will explore the vast topic of ceramics through a wide variety of handbuilding methods. Ceramics I/II is a hands-on class that will provide students with teacher-led instruction and independent studio time. Students will learn basic hand-building  techniques that highlight cultural and historical influences, as well as functionality. An emphasis will be placed on planning & design, decorative applications, problem-solving, and unique personal touches. Students will demonstrate their knowledge and acquired skills through individual progress, participation, and engagement. Students are expected to practice safe work habits, maintain tools/materials, and abide by classroom policies and procedures. 

Ceramics II (Advanced) Course Description: 

In this course, students will build upon handbuilding methods, concepts, and techniques learned in Ceramics I to develop a more advanced skill set. Ceramics II provides students with the opportunity to develop an “in depth” knowledge of and applied skills in the art of ceramics. Students will work independently to research, plan, design, and produce works of art that demonstrate a strong level of engagement and willingness to take creative risks. Students will be introduced to the pottery wheel and have the opportunity to work towards their independent goals and interests, with the ability to pursue personal project ideas. Wheel techniques will be fully explored, as well as many sculptural and glazing techniques. An emphasis will be placed on functional forms with unique personal touches and creative alterations, as well as on individual progress and artistic growth.

Philosophy of Art Education

The visual arts are a vital component in the development of all human beings. Art is a fundamental and consistent part of students’ education, regardless of their talents or academic abilities. As an educator, I will enhance one’s perception of the visual arts by teaching students how to use their senses qualitatively. Art provides students of diverse backgrounds with the means to develop and apply their creative potential,      to see the value in unique ideas, and to respect individual differences. My teaching objective is to educate students in a range of artistic practices, technical skills, and useful applications through a wide variety of media. As an art educator, I plan to stimulate the human mind by providing opportunities for students to apply information in meaningful ways and to promote higher-order thinking.