VISION FOR LEARNING 

                      We have a system where all students know that
                      all adults believe in them and support them;
    students have access to opportunities
                     and have 
    many options for success; and where
                    we all work 
    collaboratively with shared
                    responsibility to ensure 
    that EACH child
                    succeeds and thrives. 



    We believe in our students, our families, and our community
    What WE dream, engange in, and achieve together matters!

  • Kari Dear Community Members,
    North Monterey County Unified has been making efforts to improve school climate by decreasing discipline, increasing attendance, and improving how students, parents, teachers and staff feel about their school culture.   The District is focused on preparing and supporting teachers and administrators in a shift in how instruction is delivered in classrooms to meet the new curriculum standards. By focusing on student engagement strategies to include the integration of technology, the arts integration six learning principles, and the 4Cs (collaborating, communicating, critical thinking, and creativity) our students will be prepared for post high school education and their future careers. 
    New mathematical practice standards, literacy across curriculum, the new integrated science model, in addition to the integration of the arts into the curriculum has revitalized our schools and students are highly engaged in their own learning.  Preparing students to be college and career ready upon graduation with a plan for one-year post-high school is the goal of NMCUSD. There is a focus to ensure students complete A-G courses with at least a 2.5 GPA and/or complete a Career Technical Education pathway to ensure they have a plan and not just graduate.
    NMCUSD provides an infographic overview highlighting our focus areas and progress on the LCAP; LCAP webpage found here.

    Kari Yeater


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