Emergency Preparedness/Safety

  • What to Expect Regarding Emergency Response at NMCUSD Schools

    Que esperar con respecto a la respuesta de emergencia en las escuelas de NMUSD

    "Our District works with our local first responders, specifically North Monterey County Fire Protection District on our emergency preparedness plans.  North Monterey County is recognized for having a model that is used countywide for School Emergency Preparedness.  We are fortunate to have this partnership and continue to work closely together to ensure our schools are following best practices.  Our schools regularly rehearse safety procedures, to include hostile intruder drills.  Our District and School Safety Committee is also reviewing other safety practices to include:

    • Creating a safe, supportive school climate with school-wide behavioral expectations, positive interactions and supports, psychological and counseling services, and violence prevention programs, such as anti-bullying, youth asset development and conflict mediation.
    • Promoting  students' compliance with school rules, reporting potential programs to school officials, and resisting peer pressure to act irresponsibly.
    • Monitoring and supervising student common areas (hallways, cafeterias, playgrounds).
    • Monitoring school visitors.
    • Providing training for all staff, including yard supervisors, campus monitors and campus supervisors.
    • Developing crisis response plans and conducting preparedness trainings.
    • Practicing school preparedness drills, such as earthquake, fire drills and shelter in place (lock downs for a variety of reasons).

    The safety and security of our schools and our students is a top priority.  We welcome parents and community members' input and suggestions.  You can email your suggestions to askthesuperintendent@nmcusd.org which will be forwarded to our District and School Safety Committee."