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  • WE Learning Framework
    The WE Schools program gives young leaders the resources to dive into service-learning through the causes that spark their interest. Every resource is structured to provide three key learning outcomes: increased academic engagement, improved university and workplace readiness, and a commitment to active citizenship.
    As part of the WE family of organizations, WE Schools uses the WE Learning Framework as the educational foundation for every resource we provide—from lesson plans to campaigns—all grounded in current pedagogical theories in service-learning and 21st-century learning practices.
    Whether you are a teacher, a club leader or school administrator, the WE Learning Framework is a reference tool to ensure your curriculum expectations are met through student engagement with WE Schools programming.

    WE Service Learning
    WE Schools is an innovative experiential service-learning program that engages educators and group leaders around the world to empower youth with the skills, knowledge and motivation to bring positive change in themselves and the world. With WE Schools, you are empowered to confidently teach social justice issues through service-based learning. The core components of the WE Schools program include social justice, well-being, diversity and inclusion, partnerships, and social entrepreneurship.
    Service-learning opportunities are at the heart of our WE Schools program. Through WE Schools and WE Day, we are dedicated to providing educators and students with resources, opportunities and experiences to support their passion to learn through service, and in the process to better the world. The range of service opportunities is virtually endless, from playing music at a seniors’ residence, to participating in a shoreline cleanup, to developing a website for a small community non-profit, to volunteering in developing communities abroad.
    Service-learning is an academic pedagogy, and while it does involve performing service, it is based on a structured academic foundation and much more than simply volunteerism. Students who participate in service-learning within the WE Schools framework apply their academic learning to real-life settings and situations by being active in meaningful community-based service. In addition, they work on problems that make academic learning relevant while enhancing their leadership and social skills, analytic ability and civic responsibility.
    Together with our educational programs, in more than 16,000 schools WE Schools enriches the lives of students with service-learning resources and curriculum that are aligned with provincial Ministries of Education in Canada and the United States Department of Education—in association with course offerings such as Civics, Social Studies, Science and English Literature—and fosters the positive value of service by empowering the next generation of young leaders to assist 3,000+ charities and causes annually.
    Through rigorous, independent evaluation of our programs by educators and third-party organizations such as Mission Measurement, our service-learning programs are shown to have a significant and valuable impact on academic engagement, enhanced civic and community engagement, and life-skills development including leadership skills and capacity-building.

    AP with WE Service - currently at NMCHS, AP Spanish 
    Made possible through an exclusive partnership between the College Board and WE, AP with WE Service is a program that offers AP teachers the opportunity to incorporate service learning into their existing AP courses. We are excited to announce that AP with WE Service is now available in ALL AP Courses! After opting in to the program, teachers will select from one of two curriculum modules that have been thoughtfully developed by the College Board, WE, and active AP teachers to align with the AP Course Framework, as well as enable teachers and students to examine and engage with relevant coursework through both a local and global context. Upon successful completion of program requirements, students can earn a recognition on their AP Score Report, as well as their high school transcript.

    More information can be found on the WE Schools website found here

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