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  • 2020-2021 Physical Education - Syllabus

    Distance Learning - Mr. Cheek



    Physical Education 1 is designed to guide you in ways that can help improve your overall physical and mental fitness level.  Students will be challenged to set goals, make physical and mental improvements, and reflect on the work they have completed.



    1. Zoom Attendance: Students are required to attend Zoom Meeting weekly.
    2. Workout Log and Reflections: Students will track their physical activity, by writing workout logs and end of the week reflections.
    3. Condor Fitness Test: Students must complete a total of 3 physical fitness tests (push up, curl up, cardiovascular endurance).
    4. Brain Muscle Assignments: Students will participate in written assignments designed to evaluate their daily routines.
    5. Sports Rules, Terminology, and Anatomy


    20 points per week - Zoom, Workout Log and Reflection

    20 points per Test - Anatomy and Terminology

    10 points per Quiz - Sport rules (basketball, volleyball, soccer, ultimate)

    20 points per Test - Condor Fitness Test


    Example of what a week looks like:

    1. ZOOM Meeting Attendance
    2. Complete workouts and reflections:
    • Mon/Wed: workout A with cardiovascular activity (run/jump rope)
    • Tues/Thurs: workout B
    • Friday: Quiz, review, meditation friday, COMPLETE WORKOUT LOG REFLECTION
    1. Friday Terminology Test


    Google Class Codes:

    PE 1 - A: fokiran

    PE 1 - B: fey7ogt

    PE 1 - C: 47fhg2t

    Advisory D: eas5sla 


    Contacting Mr. Cheek:

    Best way to contact Mr. Cheek is through email, joshua_cheek@nmcusd.org.  All students can also contact Mr. Cheek using Google Classroom.  Mr. Cheek will respond within a workday to any questions students or parents have.  If phone communication is needed, Mr.Cheek will set up a phone/video meeting. 

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