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  • Important Information Regarding the Coronavirus

    North Monterey County Unified is in collaboration with the Health Department and other agencies to continue to provide up to date information reagrding the COVID-19.  At this time, the health risk to the general public in California from novel coronavirus remains low, but our schools are taking common-sense precautions to prevent the spread of all infectious diseases. These precautions will be helpful to also prevent the spread of other common illnesses such as influenza and gastroenteritis. Click here for more informaton...

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    The Role of the School Nurse  
    The School Nurse is the heath care expert within the school setting and is an advocate for students and families. The School Nurse uses professional skills, nursing judgment and leadership ability to create a safe and healthy school environment that supports the wellbeing, academic success and life-long achievement of students.
    The School Nurse holds a bachelor’s degree as a Registered Nurse, is a Public Health Nurse licensed by the California Board of Registered Nursing, and holds a credential as a School Nurse from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.
    The School Nurse uses the nursing process, clinical expertise and professional judgment to design and implement health services programs that ensure that all students will receive the optimum benefit from their educational experience. This is accomplished by working collaboratively with students, families, teachers, other members of the school team, and utilizing resources within the community, to meet the physical, mental, emotional and social health needs of students.

    Home and Hospital Instruction
    A student may be eligible for home/hospital instruction if they are confined to the home or the hospital due to a "temporary disability" as defined in Ed. Code 48206.3.  This is a temporary and highly restrictive placement.  Placement decisions are made by the Director of Special Services after a request is submitted by the parent, a Medical Verification is completed by the physician and a recommendation is made by the school nurse and Director of Special Services.
    As a general rule, placement in home/hospital should be considered if the student is expected to miss 3-8 weeks of school.  Shorter absences should be handled by parent/doctor excuses and make-up work.
    Students placed in home/hospital are served by a teacher who facilitates communication and assignments with their regular classroom teacher(s).
    In order to request home/hospital instruction the parent should contact the principal, counselor and school nurse.  The request and the medical verification must be completed by the student's physician before being submitted to the Director of Special Services for final approval.  

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