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    Mission Statement

    The mission of the North Monterey County High School Science Department is to create knowledgeable, scientifically literate, and technologically capable problem solvers.  By fostering a spirit of inquiry, nurturing our students’ curiosity, and bringing current, relevant, and real-world science into the classroom experience, we prepare our students to become educated citizens capable of comprehending and analyzing global issues.

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  •  Courses Offered 2019-2020 School Year


    Advanced Placement Chemistry
    UC/CSU approved course.
    Meets Laboratory Science or G-Elective requirements).
    Grades: 11-12
    Credits: 10 (Year-Long Course and Weighted)
    UC/CSU: (fulfills D or G requirement)
    Prerequisites: C or higher in Chemistry and Integrated Math II
    AP Chemistry is designed to be the equivalent of a first-year college general chemistry course and follows the College Board’s AP Chemistry Topic Outline. As such, the course is suitable only for high school students who exhibit high levels of commitment, motivation, and academic maturity. This course presents a rigorous treatment of the following concepts: the nature of matter, gas laws, thermodynamics, stoichiometry, bonding, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibria, and organic nomenclature. This course requires the successful completion of General Chemistry and Algebra II. Students are expected to be motivated and spend extra time studying outside of class. The problem-solving strategies obtained during this course will prepare college-bound students for careers in the sciences, medicine, and other technical areas. The student is required to take the AP Exam in May.

    UC/CSU approved course.
    Meets Laboratory Science or G-Elective requirements.
    Grades: 10 -12
    Credits: 10 (Year-Long Course)

    UC/CSU: (fulfills D or G requirements)
    Prerequisite: Grade of C or higher in Biology and Integrated Math I.
    This course meets the UC requirements for laboratory science. Chemistry is the science that deals with the materials of the universe and the changes that these materials undergo.  We will study the elements, the compounds they form, and the laws governing their properties and interactions.  We will also discuss the importance of chemistry in modern society. This is a lab science designed for students taking an academic program in preparation for college.

    Human Anatomy
    Grades: 11-12                         
    Credits: 10 (Year-Long Course)               
    UC/CSU: yes  (fulfills D and G requirements)

    Prerequisites: none
    This course will teach the structure and function systems of the human body.  Laboratory activities include the study of human anatomy and models, measurements of physiological processes. Appropriate for majors in medical careers such as medical assisting, certified nurse assistant, psychology, social service, art, and other paramedical and health occupations. Students receive science credit, which is helpful towards their Health Career Pathway. A requested donation of $7.00 for class labs would be appreciated.

    Integrated Science 1
    Grade: 9 -12                         
    Credits: 10 (Year-Long Course)                   
    UC/CSU: Yes (fulfills G requirement)

    Prerequisite: None
    Foundations/Science is a standards-based, college preparatory course. This is a year-long course designed to allow students to develop scientific thinking and engage in scientific inquiry. Laboratory investigations, field projects, demonstrations, and coursework is designed to develop a thorough understanding of principle concepts in Chemistry, Physics, Ecology, Environmental and Earth Science in order to be better prepared for future science courses and careers in science.  A requested donation of $7.00 for class labs would be appreciated.

    Integrated Science II
    UC/CSU approved course.
    Meets Laboratory Science Requirement
    Grades: 9 -12
    Credits: 10 (Year-Long Course)
    UC/CSU: (fulfills D requirement)
    Prerequisite: Completion of Integrated Science I and Integrated Math I
    Integrated Science II overarching concept is that the Earth is a unique system that supports life within an ever-changing and complex universe. Building upon the standards covered in Integrated Science 1, this theme includes standards taken from physics, chemistry, biology, and Earth science. In chemistry, the standards pertaining to solutions, chemical reactions, and organic chemistry. The biology standards include considerations of molecules, cells, protein synthesis, cell reproduction, and Mendelian genetics. Earth science standards pertain to planetary motion, solar radiation, energy transformations at the Earth’s surface, and geological and climatic changes. The Integrated Science II concepts will be further enhanced by having students perform careful scientific investigations.

    Natural Resource and Habitat Management (SEA Pathway)
    Pending UC/CSU approved course.
    Meets Laboratory Science or G-Electives requirement
    Grades: 11
    Credits: 10 (Year-Long Course)
    UC/CSU: (fulfills D or G requirement)
    Prerequisite: Grade of C or higher in Integrated Science I and II or Biology and Physics.
    Note: The student must also be concurrently enrolled in the Power of Language and US History/Natural Resource courses.
    Natural Resource and Habitat Management through Integrated Science is a third-year college preparatory laboratory science course that integrates Next Generation Science Standards with the CTE Environmental and Agricultural Careers Pathway. This integrated class combines an interdisciplinary approach to laboratory science and research with managing sustainable environmental principles. Using skills and principles learned in the course, including the chemical and biological principles that govern land management and watershed preservation, students conduct experiments for sustainable practices, research and learn the tools of the field, observe natural resources in the community, and learn how to evaluate and mitigate or manage the impact human activity. Connections to practices and experts in the field provide an opportunity to explore a variety of potential jobs available in the industry.

    Pre-Advanced Placement Biology
    UC/CSU approved course.
    Meets Laboratory Science or G-Elective requirements.
    Grades: 9-10
    Credits: 10 (Year-Long Course and Weighted)
    UC/CSU: (fulfills D or G requirements)
    Prerequisite: Completed or concurrently enrolled in Math I and with recommendation only.
    The Pre-AP Biology course emphasizes the integration of content with science practices—powerful reasoning tools that support students in analyzing the natural world around them. This ability is one of the hallmarks of scientific literacy, and it cultivates a more sustainable pathway to numerous college and career opportunities in science as well as numerous natural and social sciences. This course focuses deeply on the foundational biology knowledge and skills that matter most in preparing students for subsequent coursework in science. This course concentrates on the core areas of ecological systems, evolution, cellular systems, and genetics. Rather than understanding content topics in isolation, students will make meaningful connections between the structures, processes, and interactions that exist across biological systems—from cells to ecological communities.