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      Courses Offered

    PE I
    Non-UC/CSU approved the course. Graduation credit only. Required for all 9th graders to meet State P.E. requirement.
    Grade: 9         Credits: 10 (Yearlong Course)
    Prerequisite: none
    PE I is a one-year core program required for all 9th graders. Students will be exposed to a variety of activities with a large emphasis on fitness. Periodic fitness tests that monitor each student's strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness levels will be incorporated into the program throughout the year. This is a required class for graduation.

    PE II
    Non-UC/CSU approved the course. Graduation credit only. Meets the second year of P.E. requirement.
    Grades: 10-12     Credits: 10 (Yearlong Course)
    Prerequisite: none
    PE II is designed to further enhance the fitness skills learned in PE I and promote the development of a fit, healthy lifestyle. The focus of the class will address the five components of fitness, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Class may be taken as the PE II requirement or as an elective.

    Fitness Yoga
    Non-UC/CSU approved the course. Graduation credit only. Meets additional P.E. requirement but not for 9th grade
    Grades: 10-12     Credits: 10 (Yearlong Course) 
    Prerequisite: none
    Yoga and Fitness for Life provide students an enormous benefit in pursuing a lifetime fitness regime. Yoga exercises, meditation, and postures improve balance, strength, and overall flexibility, and tones and strengthen the body uniformly. Yoga posture and exercises focus on all of the joints of the body, including leading to increased core strength which helps prevents disease by maintaining organ health. Yoga stretches stimulate muscles and organs to increase blood flow to all of the parts of the body, which helps to flush out the toxins that can accumulate in body tissues. Yoga exercise, postures, and meditation increases students powers of mental concentration and can significantly reduce levels of stress and anxiety. 

    Fitness Weight Training
    Non-UC/CSU Approved Course. Graduation credit only. Meets additional P.E. requirement but not for 9th grade. 
    Grades: 10-12     Credits: 10 (Yearlong Course) 
    Prerequisite: none
    Weight Training and Fitness for Life provides students the knowledge and competency in motor skills, movement patterns, and strategies needed to achieve a level of physical fitness for health and performance while demonstrating knowledge of fitness concepts, principles, and strategies. Students will learn how the perception of effort and quality of personal assessment plays in achieving fitness goals. Personal goals to improve both performances in weight training and fitness will allow students to set a personal physical fitness program using the principles of strength training and conditioning, healthy nutrition, and using equipment properly and safely.

    Grades: 9-12     Credits: 5 (One Semester)- All 9th-grade students required to take one semester in conjunction with the 21st Century Skills course.
    Prerequisite: none
    The course is one that deals with such matters as self-esteem, drugs, nutrition and exercise, physical health, and sex, which may be useful, interesting and often controversial. The course also deals with such matters as stress management, suicide prevention, first aid, CPR, decision-making, and analysis.