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  • Courses Offered 2019-2020 School Year

    Advanced Placement Calculus A/B
    Grades: 11-12                         
    Credits: 10 (Year-Long Course)               
    UC/CSU:  (fulfills C & G requirements) 

    Prerequisite: “C” or better in Math Analysis or Calculus
    This course meets the elective requirements for UC admission. An advanced math course that will cover differentiation of functions, integration techniques, application to derivatives, limits, derivatives, and integrals of exponential trigonometric functions. This course covers the California State Standards.  A graphing calculator is required.

    Hartnell Intermediate Algebra (Fall Semester)
    UC/CSU approved course.
    Meets Math and Electives requirement. 
    Grades: 11 -12
    Credits: 10 (Year-Long course)
    UC/CSU: (fulfills C & G requirements)
    Prerequisite: Grade of C or higher in Integrated Math II
    Review of elementary algebra plus more advanced problems of factoring, rational expressions, linear and quadratic equations, functions and graphs, systems of equations and inequalities, exponents, radicals, exponential and logarithmic functions, conic sections, sequences, series and applications related to all the functions of intermediate algebra.

    Hartnell Elementary Statistics (Spring Semester)
    UC/CSU approved course.
    Meets Math and Electives requirement.
    Grades: 11 -12
    Credits: 10 (Year-Long course) 
    UC/CSU: (fulfills C & G requirements)
    Prerequisite: Successful completion of Hartnell Intermediate Algebra or Grade of C or higher in Integrated Math II
    A study of the measures of central tendency, dispersion and position, graphic presentation, sampling, frequency distributions, discrete and continuous probability distributions, expected values, sampling distribution, Central Limit Theorem, sample variability, statistical inferences, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, t-tests, Chi-Square tests, analysis of variance (ANOVA), linear correlation and regression analysis, decision making using predictive models, and non-parametric tests. This course is primarily for students in business, social sciences, biological sciences, education, and humanities. The use of technology, including graphing calculators or computers, will be extensively integrated as a tool in the description and analysis of data.

    Integrated Math 1
    Grades: 9-11                               
    Credits: 10 (Year-Long Course)               
    UC/CSU: Yes  (fulfills C requirement)     

    Integrated Math 1 is the first course of a rigorous two-course sequence including Integrated Math I and II. All freshmen taking this class will be on track to study pre-calculus or calculus in their senior year (depending on test results).  This course will develop a student’s problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and strengthen situational analysis abilities. 

    Integrated Math 2
    Grades: 9 -11                           
    Credits: 10 (Year-Long Course)                 
    UC/CSU:  (fulfill C requirement)         

    Math 2 is a math course in the study of algebraic expressions, equations, inequalities, and functions.  This course complements and expands the mathematical content and concepts of Math1.  Some of the topics covered include complex numbers, exponents, radicals, matrices, systems of linear equations, functions (absolute value, exponential, logarithmic, quadratic, radical, polynomial, and rational) and their behavior, solving nonlinear equations, conic sections, combinatorics, probability, and sequences/series.

    Integrated Math 2 Honors
    Grades: 9 -11                           
    Credits: 10 (Year-Long Course)                 
    UC/CSU:  (fulfill C requirement)                    

    Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in Math 1 (or an appropriate course from outside the district) or recommendation of the 8th-grade teacher
    A hand-held scientific calculator is recommended but not required. Content: This course will help students further understand the basic structure of algebra and more specifically the in-depth study of quadratic functions through modeling and construction. Students will be expected to extend their thinking abstractly by performing arithmetic operations with complex numbers. The students will also be expected to write expressions that represent relationships, rewrite expressions in equivalent forms and solve systems of equations. As well, students will study and recognize the independence and conditional probabilities. Through modeling, they will evaluate the outcomes of probability situations. Geometrically, this course will prove all concepts related to similarity and congruence of shapes. Students will use algebra and coordinate geometry to prove theorems. This course will analyze all theorems of circles and relate this content to that of conic sections as well as require students to explain volume formulas and apply them to a variety of shapes.

    Integrated Math III
    UC/CSU approved course.
    Meets Math requirement.
    Grades: 10-12 Credits 10 (Year-Long course)
    UC/CSU: (fulfills C requirement)
    Prerequisites: Completion of Integrated Math II or Integrated Math II Honors
    Integrated Math III is the third course in a three-year course sequence including Integrated Mathematics I, Integrated Mathematics II, Math II Honors, and Math III Honors. The Integrated Math III course focuses on modeling functions of their graphs, composition/decomposition, and the inverses of linear, exponential, and quadratic functions. Students will further their knowledge and build upon prior relationships of linear, exponential, and quadratic functions they have studied in Integrated Math I and Math II

    Math Analysis
    Grades: 10 -12                       
    Credits: 10 (Year-Long Course)                   
    UC/CSU: Yes (fulfills C & G requirements)

    Prerequisite: “C” or better in Algebra II
    This course meets the elective requirements for UC admission. This is a course that reviews and extends all that is taught in Algebra II to a higher degree of sophistication. The concepts of algebraic functions, exponential functions, systems of equations, and adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying algebraic complex numbers are taught in the first semester.  The second semester is Trigonometry. This course covers the California State Standards.  A graphics calculator is required.

    Transition to College-Level Math
    UC/CSU approved course 
    Meets Math requirement 
    Grades: 11-12
    Credits 10 (Year-Long course)
    UC/CSU: ( fulfills C & G requirements)
    Prerequisites: Grade of C or higher in Statistics, Math III or other equivalent courses

    Transition to College Level Mathematics includes four main sections: Data; Computing; Decision Making; and Geometry. Each section has two to three units of study to include: modeling with functions; interpreting categorical data; statistical inference; counting methods; graph theory applications; informatics; financial decision making; fair decision making; visualizing and representing shapes; and, symmetries and tiling. The emphases of the course are on modeling, problem solving and applications of mathematics to the real world, with stress on developing a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and relationships already studied.






  • Mathematics Teachers

     Ms. Heather Tynan
    Instructional Leader Mathematics
    831-633-5221 Ext. 3299
    Room 62
    Course(s) Taught:
    -AP Calculus, 
    -Integrated Math III

     Ms. Celina Acevedo
    831-633-5221 Ext. 3296
    Room 63
    Course(s) Taught:
    -Integrated Math II Honors,
    -Transition to College-Level Math

     Ms. Erly Buena
    831-633-5221 Ext. 3241
    Room 51
    Course(s) Taught:
    -Integrated Math I, 
    -Integrated Math II

     Ms. Jessica Delgado
    831-633-5221 Ext. 3258
    Room 65
    Course(s) Taught: 
    -Hartnell Elementary Statistics,
    -Hartnell Math,
    -Hartnell Elementary Statistics,
    -Hartnell Intermediate Algebra, 
    -Hartnell Math

     Mr. Gary Irwin
    831-633-5221 Ext. 3295
    Room 64
    Course(s) Taught:
    -Integrated Math I,
    -Integrated Math III

    Mr. Randy Ricketts
    831-633-5221 Ext. 3321
    Room: 25
    Course(s) Taught:
    -Integrated Math II

     Ms. Kathrine Teresi-Jones
    831-633-5221 Ext. 3258
    Room: 61
    Course(s) Taught:
    -Integrated Math I, 
    -Integrated Math II