Independent Study - NMCCIS

  • The District’s North Monterey County Center for Independent Study School (NMCCIS) offers a personalized K-12 learning experience tailored to the needs of each student. Additionally, families can choose a home-schooling option with guidance and support from teachers, or elect to continue distance learning with their classmates and teachers. 

    The school’s WASC accredited college prep curriculum is accepted by the NCAA, UCs, CSUs, private, military and technical colleges. Students who choose to enroll at NMCCIS have access to a wide spectrum of learning services and are provided with a blended learning educational program that includes one-on-one meetings with teachers, distance learning (both online learning and personalized instructional lesson), small group instruction, enrichment activities and, as appropriate, participation in Advanced Placement and community college classes. The School also provides college and career counseling guidance as well as mental health counseling services to support student’s personal, social and academic needs.

Homeschooling via NMCCIS

  • Families can choose a home-schooling option within the North Monterey County Center for Independent Study School (NMCCIS) with guidance and support from teachers. Parents are provided all curriculum, instructional resources and related educational activities to ensure learning is in alignment with State grade level standards.

    At NMCCIS, students complete standards-based curriculum weekly, and can participate in monthly enrichment activities that allow them to collaborate, either virtually or in small groups (with appropriate social distancing). Teachers maintain regular communication with their students and parents or guardians, creating a better understanding of, and connection to, school. Students have regular opportunities to receive instruction, clarification or assistance from their teacher, in person, via phone or email, and/or virtually.