Counseling Department

Schoolwide Learning Outcomes
  • Counseling Goals

    Ninth Grade

    The established six-year education/career plan will be reviewed. An academic counseling session is conducted for at-risk students in August. PSAT will be available, career exploration occurs and an aptitude test is taken.

    Tenth Grade

    The student will update the personalized six-year educational/career plan with the assistance of the Coordinator including a credit recovery plan. A conference with each student and their parent or guardian will be held after-school hours (September/October). All tenth-grade students will be encouraged to take the PSAT. Guided research on possible careers explored during freshman year – course sequences and placement per CTE standards.

    Eleventh Grade

    Students will be informed of their progress toward graduation. Students will explore education necessary to meet career goals (includes credit recovery plan and CTE plan), will be given PSAT/NMSQT, ACT, SAT I, SAT II, and ASVAB testing information, have an opportunity to meet with college representatives, and NCAA eligibility conference (if requested).

    Twelfth Grade

    Parents will receive a notification every 4-5 weeks when a student is not on track for graduation or to include: Credits and required courses and GPA. Students will be given information and registration forms for the ACT, SAT I, and SAT II, scholarship and financial aid information, assistance in filling out applications for scholarships and college admission, and a financial aid workshop for parents and students.

    Counseling Philosophy

    • Throughout the school day, coordinators engage in a variety of activities that help students reach the goal of graduation and advancement toward higher education and a meaningful career.
    • Counselors provide a safe place for students to discuss personal problems and maintain student confidentiality.
    • Counselors handle referrals from teachers and counsel at-risk students.
    • Counselors are integral and essential components of the high school team. We provide vital services to the entire school community.



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