• Principal's Message

    Welcome to “The Nest.” We are home to Condor Country! Our campus is located in the heart of North
    Monterey County, Castroville, California. NMCHS has a rigorous curriculum and high expectations of
    faculty and students. Our students are provided a learning opportunity that is both rigorous and
    innovative. Our staff continues to improve and refine curriculum and instructional approaches
    throughout each year. We continue to work on our school and department goals creating a standards-
    based classroom across the curriculum to increase achievement for all students. We are a dynamic and
    creative high school that constantly strives to prepare students for the world in which they will live and

    The NMCHS staff recognizes the need for ongoing professional development focusing on student
    learning. Collaboration time is utilized to create common curriculum maps, common assessments and
    analyzing data to drive teaching strategies that are proven as best practice.

    We will continue to find ways for our students to take center stage and to shine. We exist for our
    students. Our entire community is committed to working together to find areas of improvement and put
    in the tireless hours needed to make our school a better place.  

    We do this by dreaming, engaging, and achieving together! The Condor spirit is alive and strong at North
    Monterey County High School.

    Dr. Chandalee Wood