• Lunch on the Green- This is one of our students, staff and families favorite events.  This happens twice a year, Fall and Spring.  Families are invited to come and have lunch with their child during lunchtime.  Families will usually bring a blanket and a picnic lunch and enjoy the company of their child and other families! 
    Elkhorn Music Program-5th and 6th grade students get introduced to recorders the first part of the year and then also have the opportunity to be part of the Elkhorn School Band.  By the second part of the year students are given a choice of different instruments to choose from that they want to learn how to play.  We have amazing music teachers that work with students on building their music skills. Elkhorn School Band performances twice a year, Winter and Spring for parents and other community members.   
    Silent Art Auction- Elkhorn staff works hard to incorporate the arts throughout the day and through the different curricular areas.  A new tradition at Elkhorn is the Silent Art Auction. This event showcases our own students' art pieces that they have done through many different art modalities.  Families are given the opportunity to bid for any art pieces that are part of the show and funds from that go directly to our art program. It's great to see how excited students get when their art piece gets sold! 
    Science Fair- This event gives students an opportunity to work on science projects or experiments either individually or with a group.  Teachers guide the students through the process by giving them time to research and work on the product they will be showcasing.  Students present at the the science fair to different community members on what they have learned or achieved with their project.   
    Parent Nights- Academic parent nights are offered throughout the year in the different curricular areas.  These parent nights are usually planned and presented by staff based on what they think will support parents at home with possible academic needs.  These opportunities usually will give families concrete ideas or material that they will be able to use with their child at home that directly connects or supports what is happening in the class.