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Student Health Requirementes

Health Screenings

Hearing and vision screenings will be provided as required by state law at the following levels:
  • Hearing screening for all students in grades K, 2, 5, 8
  • Vision screening for grades K, 2, 5, 8
  • New students and students referred by parents or school personnel may also be screened. 
Exclusiones from Screenings:

Contact your school nurse or principal each school year regarding excluding your child from any of these screenings. 

Kindergarten Physical Exam

California's Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP) requires all school-aged children to have a physical exam on record with the school. Please submit a copy of your child's medical checkup to the school when you register for kindergarten or as soon as it is completed during kindergarten. You are encouraged to obtain this exam by kindergarten entry to ensure your child is healthy and ready to learn. Transitional kindergarten students who submit a physical exam will fulfill this requirement fo kindergarten. 

If a physical exam is against your personal beliefs, you must sign a CHDP waiver form at the school. 

CHDP Exam report (English & Spanish)

Kindergarten Dental Exam Screening (KOHA)

Effective January 1, 2007, a Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment (KOHA) by a licensed California dental health professional is required for children entering a public school for the first time (at kindergarten or first grade). The KOHA must be completed and returned to the school by May 31 of the first school year. Assessments done 12 months prior to school entry also meet this requirement. Obtain the form from the school or your dental health provider to complete. Transitional kindergarten students who submit an oral health assessment will complete this requirement. 

Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment Report (English & Spanish)

Interscholastic Sports Physical Exam

An annual physical examination is required for all secondary students who participate in interscholastic athletic programs. 

Complete physical exams by a personal physician are recommended. 

In addition, the district recommends that new students submit reports of recent physical exams when they enter school. A parent/guardian may file a written, signed statement to the school principal stating that the parent or guardian will not consent to a physical examination of the child.