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Facilities Advisory Committee

Formally this advisory committee was created to develop the Facilities Master Plan for 2012-2021. An addendum to the Facilities Master Plan for enrollment and growth was done in 2017. The purpose of this committee is to meet to review facility needs, prioritize needs and develop recommendations regarding how to fund facility maintenance and improvements. These recommendations will inform and update the Facilities Master Plan and Deferred Maintenance Plan.  

2023-24 The District is in the process of reconstituting a new Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC).  This new advisory committee will be reviewing the Facilities Master Plan (FMP), walking sites and discussing next steps as it relates to the next list of priority projects and possible funding opportunities.   The goal is to schedule the reconstitution meeting in September.  The meeting date and time will be listed on this webpage.  Additional meetings will be listed once the committee has met and determined the best date and time.

Community Members 
Members of the community are encouraged to attend meetings and provide imput regarding facility related concerns.

Membership of the committee
Teachers, classified staff, parents, community members, bargaining unit representatives from NMCFT and CSEA, and two board members.  


High School Facilities Priority Project Meeting

Q & A From August 2, 2023 Meeting

August 2, 2023   Update: A stakeholder meeting that included community members, staff, and coaches was held on Wednesday, August 2, 2023 to review the concept design for the High School front entrance and stadium entrances.  The meeting was productive and numerous questions and considerations were provided.  Answers to some of the questions posed can be found here link.   

Message Regarding Facilities Review:

Dear Community Members, Staff and Students,

On August 2, 2023, the facilities meeting will be informational in nature and will focus on the status of the high school front entrance and stadium entrance projects. The structure of the meeting will be group work around the current design concept for the two entrances.  Feedback will be gathered and presented to the Board on August 10, 2023, with the goal of obtaining final Board approval on the design.  Once final approval is received the district team will move forward with the architect to get a final design to the Department of State Architect and provide an adjusted timeline for construction to begin.  


2018-22 Facilities Advisory Committee Documents

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