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2013 Measure H Facilities Bond

Athletic Field Complex GRAND OPENING Wednesday, October 4, 2017



Measure H:  Facilities Improvements and the General Obligation School Bond

The District has been working hard to improve school facilities. Between 2002 and 2012, the District has spent $37.7 million on facility improvements.  However, in 2013 there was $86 million of facility improvements that was identified after a comprehensive needs assessment process.  The majority of the schools at that time were over 50 years old and the newest school, the high school (at that time 35 years), had the greatest need in terms of replacing roofs and boiler/heating systems.
The District does not receive ongoing funds specifically for improving school facilities.  The State did not have plans for a School Facilities Bond that may have provided possible grant matching funds.  Public schools are forced to ask their local community for local funding through a general obligation school bond as the main funding source to improve facilities.  Several surrounding school districts passed school bonds in November 2012 for facility improvements. 
The District’s School Board called for a School Bond Election on the November 5th, 2013 ballot, Measure H.  The total bond amount was $23.8 million.  The priority project list presented estimated $27 million to be funded by the bond.  The District applied for additional matching funds to be able to fully fund the priority #1 projects identified in the District’s Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan.  A detailed list by school site of priority projects was included in the comprehensive facilities master plan in addition to the resolution and ballot language.
There are accountability requirements for School Bonds that are in place to ensure that the District implements the School Bond as outlined in the approved Resolution Calling for a School Bond Election submitted to the Monterey County Elections Office.  The accountability measures include:  Independent Citizens Oversight Committee, performance and financial audits, and a separate account for bond funds with quarterly/annual reporting requirements.
The School Board has taken appropriate actions to ensure a successful School Bond Program.  There is a team of experts who have provided step-by-step guidelines to make sure the District was ready for a School Bond Program.  In addition, in 2012-2013, the District hired new Superintendent who has a business background and has a track record of meeting or exceeding fiscal and educational compliance reviews. In addition, in 2013 the new Assistant Superintendent for Business Services hired had six years of previous successful experience implementing a School Bond program in another District. The District has staff with the necessary backgrounds and experience to successfully implement the School Bond program and provide the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee members with all necessary information. 

Resolution 2013-1403 Measure H Ordering a School Bond: Project List 

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Current Projects Under Construction:

  • NMC High School Access Controls & Team Room

Upcoming Projects In Planning:

  • Central Bay Accessibility Upgrade


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