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Before and After School Programs


NMCUSD runs several different before and after-school programs: The NEST Program: Kid Zone & General Child Care Program. Scroll down to read more about each program.


The N.E.S.T. Program

North Monterey County Unified School District conducts the Before/After School program for grades TK - 12th at the following sites:

  • Castroville Elementary School
  • Echo Valley Elementary School
  • Elkhorn Elementary School
  • Prunedale Elementary School
  • North Monterey County Middle School
  • North Monterey County High School

Enrollment is limited in the NEST Program. The Expanded Learning Department collaborate and integrate with the regular school day and other extended learning opportunities while providing a safe physical and emotional environment, opportunities for relationship building, and promotion of active student engagement through:

  • An academic component
  • An enrichment component
  • A student club component

The educational component includes tutoring/ homework assistance and academic intervention designed to help students meet state standards in one or more of the following core academic subjects: language arts, mathematics, history and social science, science, or computer training.

The enrichment component offers an array of additional services, programs, and activities that reinforce and complement the regular academic program to support positive youth development. Enrichment activities are designed to enhance the core curriculum through Art, SEL, STEAM, and Sports.

The program does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic group identification, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color, or mental or physical disability in determining which children are served.

Hours of Operation
The NEST program operates every regular school day, even if there is a “early release” schedule. The before-school program begins at 6:00 A.M. The after-school program begins at the end of the regular school day and ends at 6:00 P.M. There are no NEST services on federal holidays. 

Attendance Policy
Elementary school students are highly encouraged to participate in the full program every day that it is in operation. Please use regular-day "early pick-up" procedures at the main office before 4:00pm. Middle school students must participate at least nine hours per week and three days per week. Priority for enrollment shall be given to students who attend daily. 

Enrollment Application
During the school year, applications can be submitted to the NEST Coordinator at your child's site. During the summer, applications can be submitted to the Castro Plaza Family Resource Center. Enrollment is open to all students. Applications will be reviewed with the first priority in the program being students who are identified under McKinney Vento, Foster Youth, or qualify for free or reduced-price meals.

Castroville Elementary School  
NEST Coordinator: Hernan Ramirez-Zavala
Kid Zone Teacher: Sofia Cruz
11161 Merritt Street
Castroville, CA 95012
(831) 676-7241

Echo Valley Elementary School  
NEST Coordinator: Daniela Cordova
Kid Zone Teacher: Norma Armenta
147 Echo Valley Road
Salinas, CA 93907
(831) 676-7482 

Elkhorn Elementary School   
NEST Coordinator: Cathy Machuca
2235 Elkhorn Road
Castroville, CA 95012
(831) 676-7366 

Prunedale Elementary School  
NEST Coordinator: Bryan Cruz
Kid Zone Teacher: Gardenia Garcia
17719 Pesante Road
Salinas, CA 93907
(831) 676-7634

North Monterey County Middle School   
NEST Coordinator: Louisito Celestial
10301 Seymour Street
Castroville, CA 95012
(831) 676-7351

North Monterey County High School   
NEST Coordinator: Edgar Lopez-Ortiz
13990 Castroville Boulevard
Castroville, CA 95012
(831) 706-6673  

General Child Care Program
Subsidized child care is provided before and after school, and during non-school days and throughout vacation periods. The subsidized child care services may qualify for free child care services through the State General Child Care program. The program operates at each elementary school site on regular school days and on non-school days at Castroville Elementary School only. For more information, call the Castro Plaza Family Resource Center at 633-5975.


NEST: Kid Zone
Kid Zone is a fee-based child care program at Castroville, Echo Valley, Elkhorn, and Prunedale Elementary School and on non-school days at Castroville Elementary School only.

Students enrolled in Transitional Kindergarten through 6th grade may enroll in the Kid Zone Program. All enrollment is conducted at the Castro Plaza Family Resource Center.
Required enrollment documentation includes:

  • Proof of Immunizations
  • Recent physical examination results
  • Proof of family income
  • Birth Certificates for all children in the family
  • Proof of need for childcare

Important Kidzone Forms:

  • Rate Schedule 
  • Enrollment Contract
  • Tasa de Cuotas
  • Contracto de Matriculación


Kid Zone Program Office 
Castro Plaza Family Resource Center
10601 McDougall Street
Castroville, CA 95012
831 633-5975
FAX 831 633-5981
Location Map

Main Office Staff

 Jesualda "JuJu" Pennoni, Office Assistant           

831 633-5975

Adriana Dominguez, Community Liaison
831 633-5977

Site Staff Directory
Castroville Elementary School Kid Zone
831 633-5980
Teacher Sofia Cruz

Echo Valley Elementary School Kid Zone
831 663-4142
Teacher Norma Armenta

Elkhorn Elementary School Kid Zone
831 633-2213
Teacher TBD

Prunedale Elementary School Kid Zone
831 663-6000
Teacher Gardenia Garcia