Community Service
  • Community Service Learning - The Basics

    Every year our students extend their learning beyond the classroom to complete hundreds of hours of community service. From volunteering at community events to mentoring local youth to building houses for homeless families in Mexico to distributing food to the less fortunate, students immerse themselves in endless opportunities to make the world a better place.  

    What will I gain from the Community Service Program?
    Students receive hands-on experience by becoming an active participant in the community. By becoming involved and supporting different activities and events, you will learn new skills which you then can put on your resume. Not only will you be making a contribution to help make your community a better place, but you will also broaden your awareness by experiencing new things, empower yourself through your contribution and strengthen your connection to the larger community.

    It's important to keep in mind that colleges and scholarship committees are very interested in students' CSL history and the agencies in which they've served. 

    How do I find a Community Service event?
    Check out our school website's Community Service page and click on useful links. There you will find many nonprofit agencies at your fingertips. You can also stop by the Community Service Center to view the bulletin board for any upcoming events. Feel free to find Community Service opportunities on your own by visiting other nonprofit agencies not listed on our site, such as your own local Church or community club (4-H) or sports program (AYSO). 

    What is the difference between a nonprofit organization and a for-profit organization?
    Nonprofit organizations raise money to provide benefits or services within the community. The money generated from nonprofit organizations stays in the community itself and is used to help others. For-profit organizations also provide benefits and services to our community but the money they generate is for their own profit and to meet their own needs.

    Does it matter where I complete my hours?
    Yes. Only hours completed at a NONPROFIT organization will qualify for credit. Completing hours at a local business is off limits and will not count as Community Service. If you are unsure whether an organization is nonprofit or for-profit, double-check with Mrs. McMurray in the Community Service Center. Mrs. McMurray is there to assist you.

    Where is the Community Service Center located? The Community Service Center is located in Building B, directly across from room 7.

    What happens if I go beyond the minimum 45-Hour requirement?
    Students that complete 100 or more hours are recognized at their first graduation practice. These special seniors will receive a black and silver Honor Chord to wear during the graduation ceremony. In addition, two Community Service awards will be presented to the two most outstanding volunteers of the senior class during the "Senior Awards Night" in May.

    What is the due date for the 45 hour community service graduation requirement? 
    Students have until May 1st. of their senior year to complete the 45 hour community service graduation requirement. We encourage students to complete a minimum of 11.25 hours per year and avoid waiting until their senior year to complete this graduation requirement.


Useful Links to Non-Profit Agencies