• Certificated Substitute Pay Rates

    DAILY RATE - $140/per full day (7 Hours)

    PREFERRED RATE - $160/per full day* (7 Hours)

    LONG-TERM RATE - $180/per full day (7 Hours)

    (15 to 30 days in same position, retroactive to start of position)

    EXTENDED LEAVE COVERAGE RATE - $250 per full day (7 Hours)

    (31 or more days in the same position, retroactive to start of position.  REQUIRES appropriate credential.) 

    *Select Substitute Teachers will be asked to serve as Preferred Substitutes

    • Preferred Substitutes must work with the district for a minimum of 20 days and have positive reviews from Site administration and Site teachers or Preferred Substitutes must provide coverage for a special district identified need (District determined).
    • Once selected, Preferred Substitutes must commit to working at least 10 days per pay period for NMCUSD to receive the increased rate or accept positions identified for a special district need (District determined).

    Individuals interested in serving as a Certificated Sub, please contact (831) 633-3343 ext. 1201

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    Phone: 800 942-3767
    If you have questions regarding the AESOP system please call (831) 633-3343 ext. 1201.

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