• Advanced Placement Programs (AP)

  • The Advanced Placement (AP) Program at http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/ap/about.html was established over 40 years ago by the College Board, a national nonprofit organization. AP programs provide incentives for public high schools in California to provide access to rigorous, college-level courses for interested and prepared students. With such programs, students may pursue college-level work while still in secondary school and receive college credit, advanced academic standing, or both. Subject to funding availability, the California Department of Education will reimburse districts for specified costs of AP test fees paid to the College Board on behalf of eligible students. Details are available at http://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/gs/ps/faqap11.asp Funding is for families in which income does not exceed 185 percent of the federal poverty income levels.

    AP courses are recognized by virtually all public and private universities. Successful completion of AP courses, and the related tests, can greatly help students in the very competitive process of university admission.

    AP Biology
    Mr. David Stahl
    Course(s) Taught: AP Biology

    Email: dstahl@nmcusd.org
    Ph. No.: 831-633-5221 Ext. 3286
    Room 43

    AP Calculus
    Ms. Heather Tynan
    Instructional Leader Mathematics
    Course(s) Taught: AP Calculus, 
    Integrated Math III

    Email: htynan@nmcusd.org
    Ph. No.: 831-633-5221 Ext. 3299
    Room 62

    AP Chemistry
    Ms. Emily Ostrin
    Instructional Leader Science
    B.S. Chemistry, M.A. Secondary Science Education

    Carnegie Mellon University
    Course(s) Taught: AP Chemistry, Chemistry
    Link Crew Coordinator, PRIDE Team Member
    Email: emily_ostrin@nmcusd.org
    Ph. No.: 831-633-5221 Ext. 3287
    Room 4  

    AP English Language & Composition
    AP English Literature & Composition
    Ms. Jennifer Foreman
    Course(s) Taught; AP English Literature & Composition, 
    AP English Language & Composition, English IV
    Email: jforeman@nmcusd.org
    Ph. No.: 831-633-5221 Ext. 3238
    Room 5

    AP Government
    Mr. Gilbert Colin
    Instructional Leader History/Social Science
    Course(s) Taught: AP Government, Government, U.S. History
    New American Debate Club Advisor 
    Email: colin_gilbert@nmcusd.org
    Ph. No.: 831-633-5221 Ext. 3303

    Room 81

    AP Psychology
    Dr. Edward Oswald
    Course(s) Taught: Social Science, AP Psychology
    Email: edward_oswald@nmcusd.org
    Ph. No.: 831-633-5221 Ext. 
    Room 3293

    AP Spanish
    Ms. Karen Tostado-Garbaldo
    M.Ed. Spanish
    University of California Davis (UCD)
    Course(s) Taught: AP Spanish, SLA* II
    Aguilas Guerreras Club Advisor, Class of 2021 Advisor
    Email: ktostado@nmcusd.org
    Ph. No.: 831-633-5221 Ext. 3293
    Room 55

    AP U.S. History
    Mr. Kent Johnson
    Course(s) Taught: AP U.S. History, World History
    Connecting Creatures Advisor
    Email: kjohnson@nmcusd.org
    Ph. No.: 831-633-5221 Ext. 3213
    Room 8

    AP World History
    Ms. Jenae Jordan-Nott
    Course(s) Taught: AVID II/III, AVID IV, 
    AP World History, World History
    Email: jenae_jordan-nott@nmcusd.org
    Ph. No.: 831-633-5221 Ext. 3344
    Room 80