Open/Closed Campus

  • The Board of Education has instituted a closed-campus policy for the safety and welfare of all students. Students are not allowed to leave campus between 8:10AM to 3:10PM unless they have an early dismissal pass issued by the Attendance Office. With the exception of foreign exchange students, organized activities, and/or teacher-sponsored visits, no non- student may visit the campus or attend school with a current school student. Any student who is off campus during class time is truant and can be suspended. Truancy procedures will be followed.


  • North Monterey County High School is a closed campus school and has a No Visitor Policy. Under special circumstances, visitor passes may be pre-approved by an administrator and issued to adults. All visitors must check in at the Main Office.
    Messages to Students
    To make full use of our office personnel and ensure the maximum instructional time for our students, we will not deliver messages unless it is a case of extreme emergency. Parents are encouraged to make arrangements for appointments prior to the beginning of the school day and to give gifts, balloons, and flowers during non-school times.