• A-G Requirements

    The intent of the “a-g” subject requirements is to ensure that students have attained a body of general knowledge that will provide breadth and perspective to a new, more advanced study.

    Courses from California high schools used to satisfy the "a-g" subject requirements must be certified by UC and appear on the school's "a-g" course list. These courses are to be academically challenging, involving substantial reading, writing, problems and laboratory work (as appropriate), and show serious attention to analytical thinking, factual content and developing students' oral and listening skills.

    A-G Requirements

  • Required Instructions for Each Student

    1. Full Credit Requirements
    Every student must enroll and successfully complete the learning objective of all required courses listed in the BP#5127 to the extent that allows for full credit to be granted. A student must achieve full credit in these courses to fulfill graduation requirements and receive a Certificate of Educational Achievement.

    2. Participation in a Course
    When participation is part of the requirement of the goals outlined in the in the student’s Individual Educational Plan (I.E.P.), it shall be described in the learning objectives for completing the course.

  • Participation in Graduation Ceremony

    Participation in commencement is an earned privilege. Students must meet all requirements for graduation to be eligible to participate. Students suspended during the last 15 school days preceding the commencement may not participate in commencement exercises in line with BP 5127. If a student successfully completes the district’s graduation requirements while attending a juvenile court school or nonpublic, nonsectarian school or agency, the district shall issue the student a diploma from the school the student last attended. (ED Code 48645.5)

  • Special Competency Requirements /

    Certificate of Educational 

    Achievement or Completion

    Where students following an active Individual Educational Plan (I.E.P.), a school assessment team shall determine essential competencies and courses required. A student shall receive an award of diploma if they meet all NMCUSD graduation requirements, including passing the CAHSEE. Students can pass the CAHSEE using modifications indicated on their Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) and determined by the school assessment team. A student may receive a Certificate of Educational Achievement or Completion as so indicated on their Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) and determined by the school assessment team.

  • NMC High School

    Graduation Requirements

    In order to graduate from NMC HS, students must pass the California High School Exit Exam, complete 45 hours of community service and earn 220 credits, consisting of 170 required credits and 50 elective credits in grades 9 through 12.

    Required subjects:

    English - 4 years - 40 credits
    -English I, II, III, IV, ELD

    History/Social Science - 3 years - 30 credits
    -US History (10 credits)
    -World History (10 credits)
    -Government (5 credits)
    -Economics (5 credits)

    Mathematics - 2 years - 20 credits
    -Integrated Math I/Algebra (10 credits)
    -Integrated Math II or Advanced Math (10 credits)

    Science - 2 years - 20 credits
    -Physical Science (10 credits)
    -Life Science (10 credits)

    Visual & Performing Arts - a total of at least 30 credits (in any combination)
    Language Other than English, and/or
    Career Technical Education
    Language Other than English/
    American Sign Language

    Visual & Performing Arts
    Career Technical Education
    (Note: This category requires a combined minimum total of at least 30 credits for high school graduation)

    Technology - 1 semester - 5 credits
    -21st Century Skilled Seminar

    Health - 1 semester - 5 credits

    Physical Education - 2 years - 20 credits (Beginning with class 2017- required to take additional PE courses if a student fails fitness test)
    -P.E.I (9th grade) (10 credits)
    (Beginning with the class of 2017-must pass the fitness test to waive out years 3 and 4.  Students will be required to take and pass 2 years of PE with an appropriate waiver)
    -P.E. II (10th grade) (10 credits)

    Electives - 50 credits
    Total credits required for promotion - 220

    This is a summary of the graduation requirements.  For a full copy of the Graduation Requirements, Board Policy 6146.1, please click on the Quick Link below.

    BP High School Graduation Requirements

  • Award of Diploma

    The District shall later award a student who does not receive a diploma for failure to meet the minimum standards of academic achievement after passing the necessary coursework. This coursework must be approved by NMCUSD and should be completed within one calendar school year from a student’s original scheduled date of graduation. During this calendar school year, no additional coursework shall be required. Additionally, a student shall pass the state-mandated CAHSEE and meet all other graduation requirements.