• No course credit will be given for a grade of “F” in subject courses.

    If a student receives a “D” or “F” and the master schedule can accommodate additional students, courses can be repeated for full credit during the school day. Both grades will be posted on the student’s transcript with only the higher grade calculated into the GPA, but the student shall receive credit only once for taking the course.

    A “D” grade is passing in all subjects. A grade of “C” is required for the student to move to the next level as a pre-requisite in some selected classes. All credits earned in the regular school day grade program may be counted towards the total 220 credits required. This does not preclude the earning of extra credits beyond the regular school day or year for the purpose of acceleration or for credit recovery if those courses are approved by NMCUSD for transfer. Incoming 9th graders may earn credits that can be applied to their high school transcript if the courses are approved by NMCUSD for transfer.

    Students shall not apply more than 10 credits of “Teacher’s Assistant” (TA) towards graduation requirements.

    Math Course Requirements
    Completion, prior to entering grade 9, of algebra coursework that meets or exceeds state academic content standards shall not exempt a student from the requirement to complete two mathematics courses (or at least 20 credits) in grades 9-12. (ED Code 51224.5, BP #6142.92)

    9th grade State Fitness Test
    Beginning with the Class of 2016, all 9th graders must take and pass the State Fitness Test or they will be required to continue to take PE.

Grades for Physical Education- (BP/AR #5121)

  • No grade of a student participating in a physical education class may be adversely affected due to the fact that the student, because of circumstances beyond his/her control, does not wear standardized physical education apparel. (ED Code 49066). Student performance in high school physical education courses shall be based upon evaluation of the student’s individual progress, attainment of goals in each instructional area, tests designed to determine skill and knowledge, and physical performance tests.

Repeating Classes

  • A student may repeat a course in which they received a “D” or “F” in order to raise his/her grade. The principal or designee shall determine the options available to the student for repeating the course: on site, accredited community college, summer school, Adult Education, Independent Study, etc. Both grades received shall be entered on the student’s transcript with only the higher grade calculated into the GPA, but the student shall receive credit only once for taking the course.

Grading Periods

  • Progress and grade reports are available four times during a semester. Progress reports are sent home via the student and will inform parents if a student is failing or are in danger of failing a course. Report cards will be mailed home. Parents and students can look up grading and other information on their student in Illuminate.

Grades for Achievement

  • Grades toward mastery of standards in middle and high school shall be reported for each marking period as follows:

    • A Advanced Mastery of Course Standards 4.0 grade points
    • B Proficient mastery of Course Standards 3.0 grade points
    • C Basic Mastery of Course Standards 2.0 grade points
    • D Below Basic Mastery of Course Standards 1.0 grade points
    • F Far Below Basic Mastery of Course Standards 0 grade points

    Whenever it becomes evident to a teacher that a student is in danger of failing a course, the teacher shall arrange a conference with the student’s parent/guardian or send the parent/guardian a written report. (ED Code 49067, BP/AR# 5123). No “F” can be given for a course if parents/ guardians are not notified in a timely manner that the student is failing the course.

    An Incomplete is given for a semester grade only when a student’s work is not finished because of extenuating circumstances that have been approved by the site administrator or designee. At the end of second semester incomplete grades may be given only with prior administrative approval ensuring that a plan and timeline for completion of the course work is in place. The Incomplete shall become an “F” if not made up within three weeks after Winter Break for the first semester or in accordance with the approved timeline for second semester.

Weighted Grades

  • Students may earn weighted grade credit for any advanced placement courses completed. Students transferring from other districts shall be given weighted credit for their advanced placement and/or honor courses. Courses, which are to receive weighted grades, shall receive the approval of the Board of Education. The grade for any weighted course shall be computed as follow: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, F=0

    Courses, which are considered weighted, shall meet the following criteria:
    Advanced Placement Courses in college preparatory subjects, which are designated to prepare students for an Advanced Placement examination of the College Board.