Progressive Discipline Process

  • A progressive discipline process is followed. As students continue violating school rules, consequences for student actions become more severe. Repeated violations of major and minor violations will be subject to suspensions, Behavior Contracts, and possible expulsion. A police report will be filed, as required by law, where appropriate.

    The consequences for these actions range from, but are not limited to, a minimum of a parent contact to a maximum of a 5-day suspension. It is the administration’s decision as to whether the violation is a minor or major violation.

Discipline Policy

  • Each school site will develop standards of conduct and discipline consistent with District policies and administrative regulations. Students and parents/guardians shall be notified of District and school rules related to conduct. The following list of infractions could result in disciplinary action as stated in Education Code 48900-48925 and 48260.
    • Academic Dishonesty • Alcohol/represented to be alcohol • Arson • Assault • Battery • Bus Conduct • Causing serious physical injury to another except in self defense • Controlled substances (unlawful possession, use or under the influence, represented to be and paraphernalia) • Defiance of school personnel • Destruction, damage or defacement of property (graffiti/tagging) • Disorderly conduct including profanity and obscene behavior • Electronic devices • Explosive devices • Extortion/Robbery • Firearm (possession, selling, otherwise furnishing, or possessed replica) • Forgery • Gambling • Habitual disregard of school rules • Hate Crimes • Hazing • Hostile or intimidating education environment • Knife (possession, brandishing) • Receiving stolen property • Sexual harassment • Tardiness & Truancy • Terrorists threats • Theft • Threatening staff with intent to do harm • Tobacco (possession or use) • Weapons or objects represented to be • Witness harassment, threatening, intimidating or retaliation

    Students who violate District or school rules and regulations may be subject to discipline including, but not limited to, suspension, expulsion, transfer to alternative programs in accordance with Board policy and administrative regulation, and contact with local law enforcement as appropriate. Mandatory Expulsion is taken from Education code 48915 which states that expulsion must be recommended by the principal or designee for the following actions committed at school or at a school activity:
    • Possessing, selling or otherwise furnishing a firearm
    • Brandishing (waving or flourishing) a knife
    • Unlawfully selling a controlled substance

    The Board shall provide for the fair and equitable treatment of students facing suspension and expulsion by affording them their due process rights under the law and outlined in Board Policy 5144.1.

Saturday School

  • Saturday School may be assigned for unauthorized, unreported absences or tardies, or for disciplinary reasons. The student has the responsibility of coordinating with his/her teachers all work that needs to be made up. The following rules for Saturday School apply:

    1. Parents will receive notification by mail, which includes the date, time, location, and responsibilities, in the mail when a student is assigned to Saturday School.
    2. Saturday School will be held from 8:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. on Saturdays. NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER SATURDAY SCHOOL AFTER 8:05 A.M.
    4. All students assigned to Saturday School are expected to complete their Saturday School assignment as given, unless they receive permission to reschedule the assignment from a school administrator PRIOR to the assigned date. Failure to attend assigned Saturday School will be dealt with as a form of defiance.
    5. Students must adhere to all school policies while attending Saturday School including Dress Code Policies; students out of compliance will not be admitted and/or given credit for the day.
    6. If at any time during the class period a student becomes a disciplinary problem, the parent/guardian will be contacted and requested to come to school and pick up their student. If this occurs, no credit is given and an out-of-school suspension may follow.

    NMCHS has a system of discipline that applies school-wide in a fair, consistent manner. Our goal is to provide a positive learning environment and prevent the repetition of an unacceptable behavior to insure the classroom and school grounds remain safe and orderly.

    • Administration Responsibilities –Administrators will monitor the implementation of the discipline program and assure consistency of its enforcement for all grade levels. The principal will make final decisions relating to school policy.
    • Teacher Responsibilities –The teachers will support administrative policies. Teachers will frequently monitor and review the discipline policy with the students to assure consistent implementation.
    • Student Responsibilities –While on campus, students will follow all school rules, show respect for all adults, fellow students, and both personal and school property. In addition, students will comply with the established guidelines of the North Monterey County Unified School District student dress code.
    • Parent Responsibilities –The parents of students must support the school rules and policies. All rules, regulations, policies, and administrative decisions are in effect and binding on any student(s) attending our school.

Zero Tolerance

  • The definition of zero tolerance taken from Ed Code 48915 states that expulsion must be recommended by a Principal or Superintendent for the following actions committed at school or at a school activity (BP#5131.7).

    1. Possessing, selling or otherwise furnishing a firearm. Verification of the offense by a school official is required for the possession offense only.
    2. Brandishing (waving or flourishing) a knife at another person.
    3. Unlawfully selling a controlled substance.
    4. Sexual assault and battery.
  • Education Code related to Progressive Discipline Grounds For Suspension or Expulsion According to Education Code 48900, (BP# 5144)

    The grounds for suspension and expulsion and the procedures for considering, recommending and/or implementing suspension and expulsion shall be those specified in law and/or administrative regulation. Please refer to the Student Handbook for Suspensions and Expulsions Procedures, page 3.

Removal from Class (AR# 6142.7)

  • A teacher may suspend any student from his/her class for the remainder of the day and the following day for any act listed in “Grounds for Suspension and Expulsion” above (Education Code 48910)

    A teacher also may refer a student to the principal or designee for consideration of suspension from school. (Education Code 48910)