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Attendance Contract

  • Students with chronic attendance problems will be placed on an administrative attendance contract; further attendance non-compliance may result in a transfer to an alternative school program.

Illness During the School Day

  • If a student becomes ill during the school day, the parent will be notified. Students who cannot participate in physical education, because of medical reasons, must bring a doctor's note within three days of non- participation. Alternative programs will be provided for students who have a medically excused status for physical education.

Attendance for 18-year-olds

  • Students who have been continuously enrolled in a comprehensive high school program since his/her 18th birthday are considered entitled to continue such enrollment. Adult students will be responsible for adhering to all policies and regulations of the District. Violation of the District’s policies and regulations, including habitual absences with no legitimate reason, may result in discipline, up to and including expulsion.

Reporting Absences

  • tate Law requires all students to attend school daily. (EC Code 48205, BP# 5113/ AR #5113). Excused absences include:
    1. Personal illness
    2. Quarantine under the direction of a county or city health officer
    3. Medical, dental, optometric, or chiropractic appointment
    4. Attendance at funeral services for a member of the immediate family
    5. Jury duty in the manner provided by law
    6. The illness or medical appointment during school hours of a child to whom the student is the custodial parent
    7. Upon advance written request by the parent/guardian and the approval of the principal or designee, justifiable personal reasons
    8. Participation in religious instruction or exercises in accordance with District policy
    9. Service as a member of a precinct board for an election pursuant to Elections Code 12302

Excused Absences

  • 1. All absences must be cleared by telephone, email, or note. Only parents or legal guardians may clear absences.
    2. Parents may call the Attendance Office between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and speak directly to the attendance clerk.
    3. All absences should be cleared within 48 hours of their occurrence. An absence not cleared during this time will be considered an unexcused absence.

Unexcused Absences

  • An absence due to any reason not listed above will be marked as an unexcused absence.

  • Absences for Religious

    Purposes § 46014

    Students with the written consent of their parents or guardians may be excused from school in order to participate in religious exercises or to receive moral and religious instruction. Religious instruction will be excused only if the student attends at least the minimum school day. Students shall be excused for this purpose on no more than four school days per month.

Confidential Medical Appointments

  • A student from school may be excused to obtain confidential medical services without the consent of the student’s parent (EC 46010.1.)

Absence for Justifiable Personal Reasons ยง 48205

  • Students who maintain perfect attendance throughout an entire semester or year will receive recognition at a special awards ceremony at year’s end. Also, students with perfect attendance for all four years are recognized during the graduation ceremonies. (To be eligible for this award, the student must not exceed 5 tardies, per semester.)

Perfect Attendance

  • Good attendance is important to a student’s success in school. Parents must contact the school office in writing or by phone to report their student’s absence within 24 hours. The absence shall be considered excused when the absence is due to justifiable personal reasons including 1) illness, 2) accident, 3) having a doctor or dentist appointment, 4) for the purpose of attending the funeral services of a member of his or her immediate family. Unless approved by the principal or designee, other reasons for being absent are unacceptable and shall be considered unexcused. A student with three (3) or more unexcused absences is considered truant.