• As we welcome back students for the new school year, please keep in mind morning commutes can be delayed the first few days of school, as everyone gets used to their new routines.

    Afternoon drop off times are approximate and may vary slightly by a few minutes.

    If you do not see a particular bus stop listed on the route(s), the transportation department may be able to assess if a stop can be added, which includes that it meet the legal requirements set by the California Highway Patrol.

    For our younger students, or new bus riders it may be helpful to have a visible name tag with the student’s full name and the route. Also, inform both the teacher and your student about end of day procedure.

    Castroville Elementary School

    (831) 633-2570

    Echo Valley Elementary School

    (831) 663-2308

    Elkhorn Elementary School

    (831) 633-2405

    Prunedale Elementary School

    (831) 663-3963

    NMC Middle School

    (831) 633-3391

    NMC High School

    (831) 633-5221

    Central Bay High School

    (831) 663-2997


    If you have any questions or concerns about any of the routes or bus stops, please call (831) 663-3035 and one of our friendly office staff will be happy to assist you.

    Thank you.

2022-23 Bus Routes/Rutas de autobuses