New Teacher Support - Induction Program



    What is induction and who needs Induction?

    Induction is a program designed to support new teachers who recently completed a credential program, currently, have a preliminary credential (both general education and education specialists), and are working to clear their credentials.  The program provides support through coaching and engaging in continuous improvement cycles.  Each year, candidates complete 6 online cycles and meet weekly with their coaches.  

    What is the Induction Program available at NMCUSD?

    There are a number of induction programs available in California. Currently, NMCUSD uses the Center for Teacher Innovation's (CTI) induction program for both general education and education specialists.  The program is primarily online with local or online weekly coaching to support the teacher candidate. 

    What is the cost of Induction at NMCUSD?

    If you are eligible for induction and elect to go through NMCUSD's offered program (CTI), NMCUSD will cover the cost of the program and the coach. (That means no cost to you!)  You must commit to completing the requirements of the induction program.

     Can you clarify some of the induction vocabularies?

    • Teacher Candidates = Teachers working to clear their preliminary credentials.
    • Induction Coach = Experienced teacher assigned to mentor and support a teacher candidate through their first years in the profession and the induction program.
    • "Just in Time" Coaching = Individual support provided to teacher candidates from coach focused on what support is immediately needed.
    • Colloquium = Annual presentation, celebration, and sharing of the learning from the teacher candidates in the year that takes place at the end of the school year.
    • Synchronous Sessions = Online sessions scheduled at a set date and time, where candidates and coaches from various districts join and participate in the same live session (from any location with reliable internet access).
    • Asynchronous Sessions = Sessions that are pre-recorded that you may log into eConnect and view at any time.
    • eConnect = Online learning management system where your work will be completed/submitted.
    • Blackboard Collaborate = The system CTI uses to host synchronous sessions facilitated by CTI staff.