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    10301 Seymour St. 
    Castroville, CA 95012

    831-633-3343 X 1609

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    Room 2

  • What is Migrant Education?
    Migrant Education is a federally funded supplemental program administered by the State Department of Education through a regional system to provide supplemental education and health services to Migrant children and their families.

    Who qualifies as a Migrant Student?
    Any child who has moved with their parents within the last three years whose parents moved with the specific intent to seek agricultural or agriculturally related work. Work in the fishing and timber industry may also qualify. The qualifying ages of the children are from 0 until the 22nd birthday, or until graduation from high school or an equivalent program.

    Use of Migrant Education funds
    Migrant Education funds are only to be used for migrant students and only after all other resources have been exhausted. The funding regulations must be adhered to, to ensure that migrant funds are used in the most supplemental manner.

    Priority for services to students
    Priority is given to students who are most at risk of not meeting district and state standards and who have had their schooling interrupted within the last year.

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