• A Work Permit is a legal document that allows a minor the permission to work.
    All minors under the age of 18 must have a work permit.

    • Including minors that are employed by parents and/or family; and
    • Except for minors who have high school diplomas or passed the state equivalency exam (GED or HiSET).

    Work Permits are required all year. Including all school recesses and holidays.
    Work Permits provide protection of the minor through:

    • Worker’s Compensation,
    • Ensuring minimum wage,
    • Determining hazardous jobs, and
    • Enforcing student work hours.


  • 1) Fill out “Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor and Request for a Work Permit – Certificate of Age” form. Complete ALL required information:

    a.) Minor’s Information – Required

    b.) Parent / Guardian Signature & Date – Required

    c.) Employer Information and Signature – ALL Required

    2) Return COMPLETED form to the Work Experience Specialist, Ms. Araceli Cuentas at the Library Media Center

    3) Bring your Social Security Card. If you are not an NMCUSD student, please bring PROOF OF AGE – Birth Certificate, Driver’s License or CA ID.

    4) Hand-Carry Work Permit to Employer, before starting work.

    5) Renew before August 21, 2019.

    6) High School graduates under the age of the 18 do not need a work permit.
    Need help filling out this form? Follow these steps here.


    IMPORTANT! All students younger than 18 years of age are required to have a work permit, including the winter, spring, and summer breaks. 

    Work Permits that were issued on or after January 2019 will expire August 21, 2019. To renew your work permit, students must complete the same steps as the original permit.

    1. Pick up a "Work Permit Application" from the Library/Media Center.

    2. Parents complete the minors information, and then signs and dates the application. 

    3. Take the application to your employer and have them fill out their portion, and then sign and date the application.

    4. The student signs and dates the application and then returns it to the school for processing. Be sure to have your Social Security card with you as validation that your number is correct on your application.

    5. Once your Work Permit is processed, the student must have their counselor give their approval by signing  and dating the actual work permit. A photo copy of the permit must be filed as records for our school. 

    Once these steps have been completed, you are good to go! Congratulations on your employment.


    By law, young workers also have rights. Essentially, young workers have the right to a safe and healthful workplace. For more information about your rights as a young worker, click here.