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    High School Scholarship Page

    If you are interested in taking a bite out of college tuition, you've come to the right place! The scholarship link below is your road map to 100's if not 1000's of scholarships. Last year, the graduating class of 2019 received $392.110 in monetary awards. This is in addition to the FAFSA and Cal-Grant awards they received. This may sound impressive, but what you may not realize is that literally hundreds of thousands of scholarship $$$ go unclaimed every year.  Many students make the mistake of not applying, or waiting until their senior year to apply for scholarships.  Our advice....don't wait!  There are scholarships for every grade level. Those available to underclassman, are clearly marked in red.

    You will notice that some scholarships are school wide, some are county wide, and some are state wide.  The school and county wide scholarships are often times your best bet, because of a smaller application pool.

    Each scholarship has its own qualifying criteria and eligibility requirements. Please read through the eligibility requirements carefully to make sure the scholarship is a good fit before you begin. Attach all supporting documentation as requested in the scholarship instructions. Incomplete applications will become void.

    Scholarships are listed by the month in which they expire. This is so you will have a better idea of which scholarships you have to apply for right away, and which ones you have a little more time to complete. Keep in mind that late applications will NOT be considered, so be fully aware of the deadline before you begin.

    Simply click on the link and you will be taken to the scholarship website/application. Follow directions carefully and be sure to submit your application before the posted deadline.

    Many scholarships that are not "on line only" will be available to students in the College & Career Center. Students should check the scholarship board often as it is constantly being updated with new scholarships.

    In-House scholarships, those open only to NC students, will be posted on the scholarship board in late January, and will have March-April deadlines. Most have coversheets that must be attached to the Standard Application below.

    For your convenience, the College & Career Center is open 7:00am-5:00pm Monday-Thursday and 7:00am-4:00pm on Friday, during the school year and during the Summer.

    Please see Ms. Sokacich in the Guidance Office if you need assistance or have questions. 

     $$ GOOD LUCK $$