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Ms. Conrad

Currently Teaches: English IV

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My younger brother and I are the products of two military veterans, and together with our parents, have lived all over the world. My second language is French, my third language is Spanish, and I have wide-ranging, relatively idiosyncratic interests. Perhaps because of my upbringing, I delight in new people, in difference, in active intelligence, and in collaboration. The US military moved my family every three to four years on average, and I got a lot of practice being the new student in schools. That is part of the reason why I became a teacher. 

The other part of the reason is because I did not enjoy school overall, despite having the ability to perform. It seemed to be a lot of what and when and where and how and not a lot of why - which did not work for me as a thinker. As a result, once we returned to the US, I gradually stopped performing, which caused me to have to repeat the tenth grade. 


But I am and have always been a reader, and I love to question and to learn. When I ultimately decided to do my work again - because I had the skills - I could. And although I graduated from high school without plans to attend college, my family intervened, and together with my grandparents, they helped me find a way. 


Once I moved on to college, my whole world opened up, and I realized college was the educational environment for which I had been waiting. My goal is to ensure that all of my students have the skills necessary to be able make responsible, life-promoting decisions for their future, to recover from past mistakes, and to pursue what moves them intrinsically - all in excellent English.