• The Associated Student Body organizes a major portion of the student activities on and off the campus. Students must realize that extracurricular activities, including but not limited to athletics and/or evening/weekend events, are a privilege and can be taken away by the Administration for improper behavior by the Student Body members (BP#5127). All students and their guests while attending all school activities will observe the North Monterey County Code of Conduct. If these rules are not observed, the student(s) can and will be asked to leave the event with future discipline taken for their actions.

  • ASB & ID Cards
    Students receive a free school ID card with picture and are urged to purchase the ASB discount. The ASB card entitles a student to discounted admission to all home athletic events and discounts on events during the school year for which an admission is charged.

  • Publicity Policy & Requests
    The Associated Student Body would love to help promote your event! If you would like to make a publicity poster or flyer request please fill out the form below. Publicity request forms can also be found in the ASB Room and can be turned in in the main office. All publicity requests must be completed 10 working days before posting date. Event Flyers must be approved before being hung on campus. Flyers must be limited to 15 posters per event and hung with blue painters tape. Flyer approval requests can be done through the form below or by turning in a sample in the main office. Approved flyers will be stamped and turned into your mailbox within 24 hours. Any posters hung on campus without approval will be removed.

    Publicity Request Form

  • Dances
    The school and District Code of Conduct and dress code will apply at all events and to all students and their guests. All dances will be alcohol and drug free. Each student will be tested with an alcohol sensor device called a Breathalyzer before entering any dance.