The Special Services Department is located adjacent to North Monterey County High School, in a building north of the main campus. 

13994 Castroville Blvd.

Castroville, CA 95012

831 633-6168

Fax:  831 633-3341


Special Services Department

Together We Make a Difference


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North Monterey County Unified School District Mission Statement

The Special Services Department supports the District's mission, "An innovative community school system, we equip preschool to adult students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes they will need to pursue their life goals responsibly and creatively in a radically changing society."

The Special Services Department, “Together We Make a Difference”

The Special Services Department supports the District Mission by continually developing and providing leadership to the following specialized District Services/Programs:

  • 504 Accommodation Plans
  • Children and Youth in Foster Care
  • Health Services
  • Homeless Children and Youth
  • Special Education

The Special Services Department is committed to the Department motto, “Together We Make a Difference.” Please contact us if you have any questions, or need assistance related to the services provided by our Department.

Special Services Department Directory


Olivia Mandilk, Director

    (831) 633-6168 x201

Carol Ruvalcaba, Secretary/Translator

    (831) 633-6168 x103

Ana Medina, Pupil Data Specialist

    (831) 633-6168 x102

Health Services

Lyndsey Perez, School Nurse

    (831) 633-6168 x107

Erica Fernandez, Licensed Vocational Nurse

    (831) 633-6168

Susannah Lopez, Itinerant Health Aide & MAA Coordinator

    (831) 633-6168 x207

Legal Translator/Interpreter

Raymond Otero, Legal Translator/Interpreter

    (831) 633-6168 x104

Occupational Therapist

Megan Roach, Occupational Therapist

    (831) 633-6168 x205

School Psychologists

Arianna Hall, School Psychologist, North Monterey County HS, Central Bay HS & Independent Study

    (831) 633-6168 x201

Danielle Martucci, School Psychologist, Elkhorn Elementary & Preschool Programs

    (831) 633-6168 x203

Jennylyn Santiago, School Psychologist, North Monterey County MS & Echo Valley Elementary

    (831) 633-6168 x202

Veronica Alcaraz, School Psychologist, Castroville Elementary & Prunedale Elementary

    (831) 633-6168 x204

Speech-Language Therapists

Hayley Forbes, Speech-Language Therapist, Echo Valley Elementary, Elkhorn Elementary, & Preschool Programs

    (831) 633-2405 x320

Maria Reynolds, Speech-Language Therapist, Prunedale Elementary & North Monterey County MS

    (831) 663-3963 x208

Stefan Mitosinka, Speech-Language Therapist, Castroville Elementary, North Monterey County HS & Central Bay HS

    (831) 633-2570 x562

Tallulah Hoberman, Speech-Language Therapist, Elkhorn Elementary & North Monterey County HS

    (831) 633-6168 x104

To avoid spam emails, email addresses are not included in this online directory. Please call the Special Services Department if you need an email address for a staff member.