Core Values






 Hope, Optimism, & Determination

Every day, an old man walked the beach with a pail, picking up starfish that had been washed in by the tide, and throwing them back into the sea.  One day a young boy stopped the old man and asked, “Why do you throw the starfish back? It doesn’t matter. They will only wash up on the shore again tomorrow.”

The old man picked a starfish out of his pail, threw it as far as he could into the sea, and replied…”It mattered to this one.” 


   Esperanza, Optimismo  y Determinación

Todos los dίas, un anciano caminaba por la playa con una cubeta, recogiendo estrellas del mar que la marea arrojaba, el las regresaba al mar. Un dίa, un joven se detuvo y le pregunto al anciano “¿Porque regresa las estrellas del mar? No tiene importancia. La mare alas regresara mañana.”  

El anciano saca una estrella del mar de su cubeta y arroja al mar lo mas lejos possible y le contesta,”Para este si tiene importancia.” 

Special Education

 Great Things Happening in NMCUSD 

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Special Education Mission Statement

The mission of the Special Services Department, Special Education Division is to serve a diverse community of learners so that each students will meet or exceed high standards of achievement in academic and non-academic skills. The students will demonstrate successful personal, vocational and social interaction including transition to the workplace and independent living. 

Staff Directory         # = Bilingual Spanish      

Clare Davies, Director  (831) 633-6168  ext. 101

# Carol Ruvalcaba,  Administraive Assistant                                   

     (831) 633-6168  ext. 103  cruvalcaba@nmcusd.org

# Ana Medina, Pupil Data Specialist                                         

     (831) 633-6168  ext. 102  amedina@nmcusd.org

Kathy Kaplanis, District Nurse

     (831) 633-6168  ext. 107  kkaplanis@nmcusd.org

Colleen Anderson, School Psychologist

     (831) 633-6168  ext. 201 canderson@nmcusd.org

# Veronica Alcaraz, School Psychologist

     (831) 633-6168  ext. 204  valcaraz@nmcusd.org

Danielle Martucci, School Psychologist        

     (831) 633-6168  ext. 203  dmartucci@nmcusd.org

Sarah Strite, School Psychologist        

     (831) 633-6168  ext. 202  sstrite@nmcusd.org

Paula Barsamian, Occupational Therapist    

     (831) 633-6168  ext. 205  pbarsamian@nmcusd.org

# Helena Paneyko, Legal Translator             

     (831) 633-6168  ext. 104  hpaneyko@nmcusd.org


13994 Castroville Blvd.

Castroville, CA 95012

831 633-36168

FAX 831 633-3341

Location Map 



To address behaviors interfering with learning in a positive approach.

To clarify roles and improve services to English Learners.

To increase confidence in making decisions about accommodations.