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Our department is committed to providing leadership and support to district teachers and staff so that the needs of our diverse student population are met. We utilize district and state assessment data and research-based instructional strategies to strengthen the classroom experience for our students. For students who need additional support, we provide a system of academic interventions to ensure that all students meet challenging content standards.


We work as a Professional Learning Community to keep the focus on improving students achievement for all learners. So that we continue our progress in closing the achievement gap, we provide ongoing teacher training and support through content specialist coaches and intensive professional development opportunities for both teachers and administrators.


We welcome the involvement of parents in their student's education. Parents are encouraged to participate at the school level in School Site Council, Parent Teacher Group, English Learner Advisory Committee, or volunteering in the classroom.


We are proud of the North Monterey County Unified School District and the education it offers all students in the district.


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Staff Directory

Dr. Lois Peterson, Assistant Superintendent - Educational Services
831 633-3343 ext. 1211


Denisse Uribe, Administrative Assistant
831 633-3343 ext. 1211

Karina Herrera, Secretary / Translator
831 633-3343 ext. 1229

Maximina Cortez, Administrative Assistant, CTE / ROP / Adult Ed
831 633-3343


Claudia Diaz Abraham, Director of Categorical Programs and Compliance

831 633-3343



Denise Green, Professional Development Coordinator and New Teacher Support

831 633-3343 ext. 1243



Jonathan Green, Educational Technology Coordinator

831 633-3343 ext. 3341



Noemy Loveless, Director of Student and Family Services

831 633-5975



Felicia Nance, Career and College Planning Coordinator

831-633-5221 ext. 3210



Marie Nolen, Director of Special Services

831 633-3343



Maureen Vanderpool, Curriculum Specialist

831 633-3343 ext. 3170