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If you would like to get involved in supporting our schools you can participate on your school site's School Site Council (SSC), English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC), or Parent Teacher Group/Association.  You can also attend the District English Learner's Advisory Committee (DELAC), the District Advisory Council (DAC) or the Central Coast Community Collaborative. 

For more information, contact your child's school or the District Office (831-633-3343).

Local Control Funding Priorities Survey


Please provide input on how to prioritize services and programs for students in North Monterey County.

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Click here for a brief overview presentation of the new State 8 priorities that must be addressed at the local level when developing the 2014-2015 budget

Superintendent Letter




February 2014

Dear Parents and Community Members,

This year there are major changes in how schools are funded by the State and it is in response to the past five-year period of dramatic cuts in ongoing State funding to schools. The state is finally looking at improved prospects for a balanced State budget that includes an additional $2.7 billion in funding for K-14 education. Eventually, some of this new funding will work its way down to our district and schools.  The bad news is that we still are not really sure what the bottom line will be for us because there are currently no regulations to guarantee a specific funding amount each year.  This year we are operating on an adopted budget that meets our immediate needs, and grateful that further cuts were not needed this year.

Meanwhile, after a long dry period of static salaries, the District was able to offer teachers a one-time bonus equivalent to about 2.5534% of their base salary, which they have received in this month’s paychecks. Our local chapter of the AFT agreed to this bonus and similar negotiations are presently planned to ensure that other employees also receive this bonus. The average teacher has received more than $1500 in this bonus!

Negotiations for salaries and benefits continue with talks between the District and our two unions: the California School Employees Assn (CSEA), and the Federation of Teachers (AFT). Because the final approved budget forecast numbers are not available to the District yet, discussions are slower than any of us would like. But as the Board’s initial proposal stated, the goal is to offer a pay and benefit package that is as competitive as possible within the constraints of still-undefined policies from the state, but within some increasingly positive long term funding forecasts, while maintaining the fiscal health of the District.

The District also has begun the process of reviewing all programs and services to determine funding priorities.  There are several stakeholder groups and committees that are providing input into how to best re-align funding to ensure student learning.  The District Budget Advisory Committee has resumed meeting to provide recommendations for consideration in developing the District’s Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), a new document that requires all funding to be aligned to the State’s 8 priorities. 

For those of you wanting more budget information, please refer to “Fiscal Facts” under the announcements on this page or go to the Business Services page.  You can also email me at askthesuperintendent@nmcusd.org



Kari Yeater

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"NMCUSD District Mission:  An innovative community school system,  we equip preschool to adult students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes they will need to pursue their life goals responsibly and creatively in a radically changing society."

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