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Liann Reyes, Assistant Superintendent 

(831) 633-3343, ext. 1208

Danica Salazar, Director of Fiscal Services

(831) 633-3343, ext. 1207


Debbie Duncan, Confidential Administrative Assistant
(831) 633-3343, ext. 1200


Becky Budke, Budget & Accounting
(831) 633-3343, ext. 1206

Rosa Jong, Attendance & Accounts Receivable
(831) 633-3343, ext. 1203

Debbie Zarevich, Classified Payroll
(831) 633-3343, ext. 1240

Amparo Ornelas, Certificated Payroll

(831) 633-3343. ext. 1202

Natia Ambrosi, Accounts Payable
(831) 633-3343, ext. 1204

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Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)


On January 1, 1987, AB 2926 enacted Government Code sections 65995 and 53080, which authorized school districts to levy a developer fee on new construction, for the purpose of paying their required share of school building construction. The fee is levied based on the square footage of residential and commercial/industrial building that takes place in the districts. Below are the district fees as of May 23, 2016:


Residential : $3.48 per square foot

Commercial: $0.56 per square foot


It is the policy of the North Monterey County Unified School District to approve the use of district buildings and grounds by properly organized and responsible groups, when the use of facilities does not interfere with the daily school student routine or any school-sponsored student activity.  

Requests for use must be submitted to the Administrator in charge of the building/location of use, by completion of a "Application and Permit for Use of Facilities", which are available at each site.  During periods of building closure, such as Summer Recess, requests should be submitted to the Business Office, located at 8142 Moss Landing Road, Moss Landing. In addition to an application you must also submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance.