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photo-01.JPGSeptember, 2015

Dear Community Members,

Your local public school district is doing some amazing things and we want to share some highlights with you.  Thanks to a robust economy in California, school districts are being “paid back” funding that was cut during the recession.  The goal is to fund public school districts back to the same funding levels that were provided in the 2007-2008 school year with a cost of living adjustment.  We have received some of that “owed” funding and expect to receive more each year until we reach that restoration level, hopefully by 2020-2021.

The district is now able to begin restoring programs and services for our students and also can provide some additional salary and benefit increases for our employees.  These past two budget years have allowed the district to make progress towards developing a balanced budget.  However, there are many areas of need that our limited resources must cover such as improving our facilities, replacing busses and vehicles that wear out, replacement of classroom furniture, updating our library materials, and contributing more to our employee’s pension plans as mandated by the State. 

We also have a new district plan that outlines our priorities for academic programs and services; it is called the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).   The district has six goals which set high expectations for preparing our students to be college and career ready.  The new State curriculum standards, along with teaching students to think critically, communicate, collaborate and be creative ensures for a rigorous, first-class education.  The LCAP is a requirement for all public school districts to account for all of the “restored” funding, especially designated funding that is meant to improve student achievement for low income, English Learners, and foster youth students.  The LCAP is posted on our district’s website on our home page:  www.nmcusd.org

Lastly, we are excited about the progress on facility projects that are part of the Measure H bond program.  For example, the high school’s Library Media Center project is under review for approval from the Division of State’s Architecture (DSA) and is on schedule for construction during the 2015-2016 school year with an expected opening date in the fall of 2016.  This will be a great addition to North Monterey County as the Library Media Center will be open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.  We are developing a partnership with the Monterey County Libraries and all students will be obtaining a library card and will have full access to the libraries online resources from our center’s computers.   You can find out more about other Measure H projects by going to our district website and clicking the quick link to Measure H Bond Program. 

I am looking forward to another successful school year and invite you to get involved in your local public schools. 


Kari Yeater



The Citizens Bond Oversight Committee has (1) Vacancy. The application deadline is January 29, 2016. Please contact Yvette Padilla at (831) 633-3343 ext 1210 to request an application.
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