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Superintendent Message Spring 2015

Dear Parents and Community Members,

NMCUSD’s three-year strategic plan, the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), is in the first year of implementation.  We will be completing the annual update report this spring to determine the level of success for the first year of implementation and to ensure that actions/activities address identified needs.  The LCAP requires schools and the District to establish goals and actions that are measured annually to ensure students’ are achieving.  The district’s funding must demonstrate a nexus between the actions and the improvement of services to students who are low income, English learners and/or foster youth within the LCAP. 

Stakeholders (parents, students, community members, teachers, staff, administrators) provided input into the LCAP goals and actions during it’s development last spring by re-aligning all current and new funding to meet the State’s eight priorities for student learning.  We are continuing to seek input as we revised the LCAP for the 15/16, 16/17 and 17/18 school years.

The LCAP Goals are based upon the State’s eight priorities which include: Basic Services, School Climate, Student Engagement, Parent Involvement, Access to Courses and Programs, Implementation of Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Learning Skills, Student Achievement, and Other Student Outcomes. Check out our video “Overview of the LCAP Process” along with a full version of the LCAP located here on our district website www.nmcusd.org.

LCAP timeline for Spring 2015:

March/April:  Review implementation of the LCAP goals/actions for 14/15 to determine progress and additional needs in order to meet the identified 6 LCAP goals and related sub-goals. This process includes various stakeholder groups at the school, program and district levels.

April 23rd Board Meeting:  Review LCAP Annual Report for 2014-2015

April/May:  Review approved three-year LCAP (14/15, 15/16, 16/17 school years) to determine possible revisions based upon reflection from the LCAP goals/actions implemented to date for the 14/15 school year.

May 7th Board Meeting:  Review recommendations for possible revisions to the approve LCAP for the 15/16, 16/17, 17/18 school years.

May/June:  Staff revise and update the three-year LCAP for 15/16, 16/17, 17/18 school years using the new State approve LCAP template.  This LCAP must be aligned with the District’s 15/16 Adopted Budget and therefore, staff will also aligned expenses to each of the six LCAP goals within the financial systems, ESCAPE budget development model for each school, program and department.

May 21st Board Meeting:  Public Hearing on the LCAP for 2015-2018

June 11th Board Meeting:  Public Hearing on the 2015-2016 Adopted Budget

June 25th Board Meeting:  Approve the LCAP for 2015-2018 and Adopted the 2015-2016 Budget

Please contact me if you would like additional information at askthesuperintendent@nmcusd.org



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